I AM Liberty LIVE: Chatroom Takeover

I AM Liberty LIVE: Chatroom Takeover

November 10, 2017 podcast 0

The time has come for the fans of the I AM Liberty to gather their power. You are getting exactly the voice you deserve this week on the show. We will govern our show on Wednesday November 8th on the whims of the chatroom. This week’s show will be all about the organic conversations that crop up in the chatroom. It will be the Chatroom Takeover.

We have a unique opportunity at www.prepperbroadcasting.com in that we have a live chatroom full of people who bring great ideas to the table, each week. It’s time to highlight them as they occur naturally. For those of you who do not join us for the live chat you are missing out on a big part of the show. For those of you who do join us you get to steer the show this week.

My one request from the audience who joins us this week on the Chatroom Takeover is that you bring your normal demeanor. Don’t show up with three pages of research and start spouting facts. If we spend 10 minutes on what someone in the chat is cooking for dinner, then so be it.

Truthfully, some of the best podcasts have a host and a guest or two. Some shows have up to 5 people on at a time. On Wednesday the 8th we are going to be managing about 10 guests on the I AM Liberty Show. Though it may sound chaotic I think we will pull great show topics and have a blast.

If you haven’t experience the chatroom this show will be the best time to do it. Get involved on Wednesday November the 8th for the Chatroom Takeover of I AM Liberty.

We will have to touch on any pertinent breaking news but beyond that it’s into the dark world of chat and we will pull whatever demons we can out and shine some light on them.


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