I AM Liberty Faithful

I AM Liberty Faithful

November 5, 2014 Uncategorized 0

There is so much good to come. Whether we talk about great topics on the weekly show or have great guests to teach us about something new the show I AM Liberty has become something. People are listening, liking, following but most importantly enjoying. Thanks for the support.

Look for a new exclusive episode of I AM Liberty on my website monthly. It will be at least two hours long with great topics and guests. It will be a two dollar download that will go to the GIVE MY SON CARTER A BETTER LIFE fund. Hope you take advantage of it.

The future will be littered with writings from your faithful host. I have great titles on the horizon. Wild edibles, new stories, sequels, poetry, blog posts and god only knows what else.

Stay fit, stay balanced and stay prepared. There are tough roads ahead. Let’s traverse them together on I AM Liberty.


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