Hunting with the .300 Blackout

Hunting with the .300 Blackout

April 16, 2018 news 1

I know, I know, you’ve heard time and again that the 300 Blackout is a terrible round for hunting large game. Such were the words of many a bad hunter. A good hunter knows exactly what game he or she is tracking and the exact capabilities of the gun and ammo used. Moreover, not everyone is blessed to have Daddy’s trust fund and wad of cash to purchase a gun for every occasion. Some of us out there in the real world working a job need the gun we purchase to be a Swiss army knife. The 300 Blackout is an excellent round for self-defense as it can put a big hurt on a bad guy in a big way. So why not unleash that bad boy on hunt too and see what it can do? The simple truth is that if you know what you are doing the 300 Blackout is an excellent choice for hunting.

Know Thy Gun and Win the Day

The 300 Blackout is prized for its versatility and function. Keep in mind, you will need a new upper receiver if you are looking to utilize your current AR lower. One of the greatest attributes of the weapon is that it can easily cycle from supersonic ammunition to subsonic ammunition with the simple change of a magazine. In fact, the ability to rock subsonic ammunition with a noise suppressor is one of the best-selling features of this weapon. The special ops community wanted a big hard hitting round that was quiet in a fight and the .300 Blackout from AAC brought that to the civilian market. Read below how it compares to the 7.62.×39

Given that many associate the round with its subsonic capabilities they often point out how ineffective it is for hunting larger game at a distance. So here’s a novel idea. Don’t shoot larger game at long distances with a suppressor and subsonic information. Because if you are rocking supersonic rounds at a distance of 100 to 150 yards you are going to do just fine. The animal on the other hand will be less than fine, but that’s kind of the point. Some shooters have reported to get clean kills at greater distances, but that’s about as far as I’d recommend.

The Weapon Packs a Punch

The 300 Blackout will still pack a punch at greater distances and that makes this weapon even more versatile. Should the zombie apocalypse come to be and you see a horde of walkers heading your way from 300 yards out you can still trust this round to pass right through the head and keep you alive until the next episode. Then, when you spot that whitetail deer a hundreds out you will have something to eat. Then when the bad guys trying to survive break into your hideout you will have something up close and personal to offer them.

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  1. Papa76 says:

    Great article!! I couldnt agree more. I have used the 300 BO to hunt Whitetails and Black Bear… It will kill both with no problem!! Method of hunting and shot placement are key!

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