Hugo’s Crystal Ball

Hugo’s Crystal Ball

March 6, 2013 Uncategorized 0

A hero of socialism and defining the gap in society, Hugo Chavez made great changes to Venezuela during his tenure. He provided people with healthcare, education rose and he garnered great respect from the poor in his nation as well as leaders around the world. He saw an incredible dip in poverty during his reign from 50% at his start to an impressive 28% according to current data.

Thanks to the booming oil industry in Venezuela Chavez was able to enact many of the programs through which he became known. He targeted the elite in his country and brought their wealth to the chopping block as well. His devotion to the division of the wealthy class and the rest of Venezuela aided him in reelection.

 Suddenly the poorest in the nation were gifted with incredible opportunity. People were pulled from the slums and offered education and health care free of cost! Everyone was happy right? The socialist experiment had succeeded and who could argue the point. Hugo had been in power for over a decade and people across the nation laid praise on his actions and beliefs.

If you just scratched the surface you would see a great nation growing stronger under a genius “democratically elected” socialist leader. Deeper into the country, between the lines, however, you find a much different looking Venezuela. Most importantly a missing middle class, business’ that were forced into nationalization and corruption all the way up the ladder. Thug street armies, Guerillas holding high positions in the government and drug cartels in control of the military, some facts you won’t hear in the coming days. Hugo silenced the opposition and forced disagreeable media outlets out of business or existence all together.

Most importantly, as equality was met through his socialist policies murder rates increased and the division within the nation grew. Street gangs carried out “deserved justice” and the cops turned a blind eye to it because there could be no opposition.  An article from the BBC stated the following of Venezuela’s murder rate in 2011.

“The Venezuela Violence Observatory says at least 19,336 people have been killed this year, an average of 53 a day.

The figures suggest Venezuela’s murder rate is the highest in South America and four times that of Mexico.”

Could there be a direct link to leadership? How this “utopian” nation on the rise could be pushing such incredible murder numbers seems strange.  How could a nation of well educated, healthy individuals who have seen nothing but an increase in wealth over the years still be murdering one another at an alarming rate?

“The OVV says violent crime has risen steadily in Venezuela since 1999 when President Chavez took office. In that year only 4,550 murders were registered.

President Chavez has established a new security force to tackle crime The group did not give an overall reason for the rising violence, but said the problem was fuelled by impunity, with the great majority of killings going unpunished”

Chavez had also created a “peoples guard” to aid the police in dealing with this crime, essentially a 1,000 man army to do the bidding of the government and protect the people. The article also went on to blame high gun ownership in the nation as a cause. This one sentence is laughable because I imagine if the murder victims had guns falling out of their pockets and purses they wouldn’t be murder victims today.

There are things in society and government that you can’t argue. The commodity earned is simply more valuable than that which is given. Hard work and adversity create great people. You can buy a voter base but you cannot buy nation of great people, even when you shower them with the tools to get there. Also, a governing body cannot operate effectively for the people, be it conservative or liberal, without opposition.

Opposition is what makes a Democracy. More importantly opposition is the corner stone of man’s freedom.  Even the quietest opposition should be heard and considered. Hugo’s efforts were in vain. Sure he played his Robin Hood role well but for what. And to what consequence?

Look into Hugo’s campaign as though it were a crystal ball. You are seeing the same division of society here, the same ideology, the same desire to control the voice of the media and the complete childlike, inability to deal with any voice of opposition.

Why would the same policies work out different here in America than they had in Venezuela? Class warfare, the bowing media and the decimation of the middle class will never work. Like I said let Hugo’s failed campaign be a crystal ball for America. Some ideas sound great on paper but you can’t force a society to evolve.  Societal development takes time.  It is a more complicated matter than any of us could begin to understand.


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