How to Create a Self Sufficient Spirit this Holiday Season and Beyond

How to Create a Self Sufficient Spirit this Holiday Season and Beyond

December 18, 2017 news 0

I believe this time of the year we all move closer to God. Its natural. No matter what the comedians and the movies tell you about religion you have to understand that you have centuries of religious faith built into your DNA. There are very real benefits hidden in the religious texts. Of course, history has left very deep scars thanks to religion as well.

We fight an international enemy who thrives off a bastardized interpretation of the Muslim religion. So it makes sense that many bristle when you bring up God.

My journey to and from God is ongoing. Through his actions I have sought out the word and through my own I often run from it. Some days my rational mind wont allow me to even look at a bible and other days I need it more than anything. I am happy with my position in faith and I want you to read my story and my musings about religion.

Explore Everything with Reckless Abandon

The truth about religion is that its a human enhancer. When a pathway leads you to a God that desires you be kind to those around you and pressure yourself to be better, that’s a win. I have always thought of God as a wavelength or an energy that we do not know how to measure or quantify. This same energy is in everything and in us as well.

Imagine a massive universal river of this energy, imagine it runs parallel to our own universe. This massive river of creation is my strange vision of God. Now this river has tributaries that reach out to ever inch of the universe and it feeds this energy to planets, plants, animals, stars and the like. When we are at our best our tributary is brimming with this energy.

When athletes and performer are in the flow state I think they are tapped into God as well. Their tributary is brimming. I think the written word offers direction to link up with this energy source. A true path to enlightenment if you use some common sense along the way. Through years of atheism to exploration of the Christian and Muslim faith I have come to this conclusion about God:

  • There are many paths to the source.
  • Decency will almost certainly guide you there.
  • Discipline will get you closer to God than almost anything else.
  • The answers are never in people but always in practice.
  • Meditation helps.
  • To seek out the perfect definition is an act of futility.
  • To question another man’s faith is futile and an assumption that your way is the best way.
  • Faith is required.
  • Kids help.
  • Like anything else its a day to day struggle

Your search for God should be limitless. You will find nooks and crannies hidden in fiction, religious texts, comedy, poetry and the only way to understand God is to build him in a way that makes sense to you.

Be Quick to See Where Religion is Right

All my life I have been a proponent of science and the things that can be proven. When I was younger there was no room for faith. I was in survival mode through school and home was getting treacherous, too. I picked up the good book and laughed it off almost immediately. Genesis was enough to turn my stomach as a young teenage know it all.

I knew school was horrible, girls were great, jobs paid me, I liked to eat and it filled me and my guitar sounded great only when I plucked the right chords. To me, this straightforward world was enough to cling to while I was fighting all those things you fight in junior high and high school

I operated an entirely different factory in my mind for fantasy. This fantastic world was a lot of fun, too. I loved poetry, stories, video games and comics. That said, I always segregated fantasy from my core beliefs. They couldn’t connect because I was afraid to lose both. I knew if I lost one world I could get by with the other but to combine them meant they could both be torn down.

What I learned later in life was not to shun those to pelt you with religious yammering but to listen in and find the good. You can find the good in anyone. Slowly I began to unpeel the tasty parts of the bible and the power in faith. In some ways I could create small bridges between my two worlds.

There is plenty to take umbrage with when it comes to organized religion or religious texts. Spend your time on that which makes you feel. Just feel. Read those passages that perk up your ears to the power of the universe.

Fight Literalism

Man’s greatest mistake was to literalize the bible. The fact that church upon church was erected and we were supposed to believe that Noah built a boat and Job was haunted by a bet between God and the Devil and that there was a snake in the Garden of Eden paralyzed generations. It made people scoff at religion when there was a deep understanding in it all.

Say what you want about those who wrote the bible, ‘they were just trying to control humans,’ ‘its the word of God.’ Either way, there are messages in the Rock of Ages that stand the test of all time.

Could we only discuss the nuance of a passage rather than offering miracle after miracle our world would be captivated and motivated by faith.

Make it Fit Your Struggle

As preppers we always have a struggle. As people we always have a struggle. Life is struggle. The best way I have found to nurture my soul is not by congregation but by focused reading and listening to passages that fit my situation. By focusing my learning from the bible I can pull answers and motivation from it.

I read Ecclesiastes when I need the life of man broken down to me.

I read James when I need to be reminded of hard work and humility.

I read Matthew when I need to be reminded of what really matters in this short life.

I reach Zechariah when I need someone on my side.

What is your struggle? Do not hide from religion or be scared by it. It cannot grab you and pull you into some world through which you cannot escape. I bet you deal in things that can though. I mean things like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex and money each of these is far more dangerous and can hook you much deeper than any phrase you read from the bible.

Make it fit your struggle and find the source. Link to the source and you will always have a door to open in times of trouble.


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