How to Be an MMA Prepper and Tough Survival Lessons from UFC 217

How to Be an MMA Prepper and Tough Survival Lessons from UFC 217

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The stars shined for the underdogs at UFC 217 as we saw three powerful main card events and three new champions. This great sport that has changed the world of combat and the understanding of martial arts has come a long way. It sits top tier in my favorite sports to watch.

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As I watched the fights replay there was a strip steak on the stove and I was looking forward to my ceremonial steak and eggs with the UFC. I prefer to imbibe on Sunday morning rather than staying up all night to watch the fights on a Saturday.

My heart sank as I watched Joanna Jedrzejczyk  get stopped by Rose Namajunas. Joanna is a warrior and one of my favorite fighters.

I realized in that moment, after flipping my strip steak, that there were very real survival lessons to be learned here. This sport that has given us the fight for survival in its purest form that can be legal, televised and still considered a sport.

There is a lesson in everything.

MMA Endurance, Endurance, Endurance

By the second round of the main event I was watching GSP or George St. Pierre, long time MMA welterweight champ, breathing deep for air after a tough first round where he looked great. The then champ, Michael Bisping, walked him down a bit.

Endurance is everything in survival. I don’t care. Its everything in life. Physical, mental and spiritual endurance can overcome almost everything.

There is nothing fun about developing endurance. Still, it is something you can do for free and it will always benefit you. This is how I develop endurance and trust me none of it is fun.

  • Long Distance Runs 3-5 Miles
  • Sprinting Steep Inclines with Rest Between Each
  • Hiking and Carrying Heavy Loads (Kids or Packs)

In a SHTF scenario your endurance will be everything. It will be what keeps you out of the clutches of bad guys and it will be what allows you to get to areas that are far from others. You can carry more, go further and last longer, if you put in the work.

GSP was able to recover and it resulted in him catching the champ in a submission.

The Importance of Diligent Practice

Though he had been out of the game for 4 years George St. Pierre told a crowd of hungry MMA fans that he’d be better than ever. Most of us wondered how this could be, considering he had been out of the game so long.

GSP claimed he had been practicing and staying in shape since he vacated the title in 2013. Many may have doubted that fact until he started fighting the best middleweight in the world. The diversity of his strikes and his jab reminded us of the GSP of the past.

It became clear to me as I shared a slice of steak with my big, headed pitbull Lola that practice was another measurable.

We don’t have to be in a collapse to practice our skills. In fact, we should be practicing something every week. When are you shooting? Self Defense? What about movements or drills?

Diligent practice will assure you are in shape for survival when the time comes. Don’t cram for the test!


Though all of the fighters who stepped into the octagon had great respect for one another, it was clear the line between confidence and ego is very thin. To watch three champions go out on their swords was a reminder that our ego can always be trap.

No matter what situation you approach in a survival scenario you must look at it as a risk. Every person you approach, no matter how weak, is a potential threat.

You may have some nice gear and some skills. That doesn’t mean you are invincible. There is always someone waiting in the wing to take what you have. The ego also presents opportunity for mistakes.

Damage Will Happen

No matter how good you are with a gun or with your hands a fight means damage. You should look at any potential clash in a survival situation as one that will result in injury. If you look at every altercation as a potential injury you will do much more to avoid them.

Damage is the only guarantee. This is another reason you hear preppers harp on carrying a quality trauma kit.

In UFC 217 I saw blood spewing from heads, swollen faces and people knocked into the dark world of unconsciousness. Damage will happen. Be smart and avoid altercations in a SHTF scenario.

Weight Class

UFC fights are always a reminder of your weight class. When you see two bantam weights like Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillishaw face off at 135lbs and then you see GSP fighting at 200lbs on fight day its clear that there are limitations when it comes to size.

In a survival scenario chances are you will not be approached by one person wishing to do you harm. You need to understand that a big man is a lot of trouble unless you are a big man, too! Three big men is the end for you. That’s when the guns have to come out.

Death Comes Swiftly

First let me say that you should never discount the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Unlike some other less effective martial arts like Kenpo or Aikido you will find that Jiu Jitsu is a punishing art that the best fighters in MMA use to dominate opponents on the ground.

When George caught Michael Bisping with a powerful left hand, the champ was crumpled and fell to the ground. After a barrage of punches the Bisping scrambled a bit and GSP took his back slipping his right arm around his neck. He sunk a rear naked choke in on Bisping like he was slipping on an old pair of shoes

For those who don’t know the rear naked choke cuts the blood off to your brain and the lights go out fast. Most fighters tap but the champ did not. The fight was stopped as Michael Bisping went offline from the choke.

If you found yourself in that situation where the lights are going from a rear naked choke there will be no referee to save you.

In the octagon the risk is high but when you are fighting for survival your death is always just around the corner.

Training Camp

Are you ready to up your game? Take some of these lessons and apply them to your journey towards self reliance.

A fighters training camp usually lasts 6-8 weeks. Its a high intensity mix of working on techniques, planning and strength building.

How about doing your own high intensity training camp? What if you took a 6-8 week period and focused heavily on preparedness and self reliance? This is something I am going to look into and maybe develop for my fans. Stay tuned.


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  1. Kimoosabi says:

    Fantastic article! I was at the event live and I can tell you it was the best UFC I have ever watched. I am a huge believer in fitness as one of the most important preps you can do and your article sums up my thoughts exactly. Keep it up. Awesome site

    • iamlibertys says:

      Thanks for the compliments sir. Glad you got to see that great event. It was one of my favorites in recent history.

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