How the Powerbank will Strengthen your Disaster Response

How the Powerbank will Strengthen your Disaster Response

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The forgotten ways are essential to living a more self reliant lifestyle. Learning the basics of building, gardening, preservation and cooking come to mind when I think of these most important skills. They can be the foundation of a powerful preparedness lifestyle. No matter how advanced our technology becomes these ancient skills deserve a place in your toolkit.

It’s just as dangerous to assume that the prepper or the homesteader is stuck inside a 17th century system. The idea to go off grid and take our humanity back from the machines and the dependencies that have been built in is radical. Its my opinion that we also employ radical new technologies to achieve our goals. We see this with solar on the roofs of homesteads all across the country.

USB technology has exploded in recent years and we would be foolish not to take full advantage of what’s possible with the many devices that can now be powered by USB. This tech is not limited to cellphones and Ipads any more. Before we get into whats possible we must first talk about the portable power source for this tech that allows you to charge and power away from the computer. The powerbank is the mobile way to power your mobile devices, amongst many other things.

What is Worth my Money?

I am going to speak to three models of powerbanks that I think are worth your time. These banks can store power in varying degrees and some offer other great options as well.

Koral 3350mAh Powerbank

This smaller bank is going to get a single charge on your phone but it could be a great option for a mobile light source or other application. This is a very compact powerbank that should be kept dry and safe. You will want a few of this type to have around your house for various applications when the lights go out or worse.

Solar Powerbank

The name of this powerbank is deceiving. it will take about a week of good sun to charge this unit to capacity. Its not a very efficient solar power bank but it is also waterproof and features a flashlight. When powered to full it holds a lot of power and has to inputs for charging or powering.

6,000mAh Power Bank With High Powered LEDs

This little powerhouse is also an impressive lighting setup as well as being a power bank. It is covered with  18 high powered LED lights and charges two devices at once. Tough Tested is actually home to many impressive products in the powerbank niche.

What is mAh 

The simple definition is Millaamps per hour. This is the measurement used to figure out how much power your bank is capable of holding. The IPhone 5 runs a 1440 mAh battery so when you look at charging capacity on powerbanks just keep that in mind. This will help you decide how much power you need. Or you can just buy one with the most mAh available. I like to go for excess when it comes to power.

The Power of the Powerbank

Until recently USB power came from computers. I always felt a great deal of comfort when my phone was plugged up to my computer during the work day. This all changed when the powerbank  was created. It didn’t take long before

These things are like miniature generators. They cannot power anything that will heat, cool or modify your temperature in any ways. Still I think you will be surprised at what type of things these powerbanks are capable of. You can make vast upgrades to your preparedness plans by taking advantage of this technology. I want to talk about the incredible shrinking technology and how we must take advantage of it!


The USB powered flashlight is a preppers dream. Imagine having a light source that can pump out 500 lumens and doesn’t require batteries. This is possible with something like the Iprotec and various other models. Having a good collection of flashlights is very important but I would reccomned having at least one that us USB compatible. In prepping its all about options.


Whether we are talking about standard lights or just a set of snake style rechargeable lights for dark projects the USB light options are many. I am always amazed at what is out there. As I mentioned earlier this exploding market is creating technology designed for the prepper. You can also find many great options in USB powered camping lights.


Maybe not an option you think of when it comes to USB options, the fan is crucial for a summer power outage. These low power desktop fans can be life savers on a hot summer night. They can really make the difference between sleeping and not.


Something I just recently discovered are batteries that recharge by USB. What an amazing option to have AA and AAA batteries that can be recharged and used in any number of tools and devices. This is a big step in self reliance because it turns your powerbank into an even more effective, off grid, power source. These batteries are an incredible innovation.


Drones are something big. We are witnessing the infancy of what drones can be. Most drones are USB chargeable and offer you an eye in the sky. A few months ago I wrote about the importance of having a drone with a camera in your arsenal. From survival intelligence to just surveying damage a drone can be charged in your powerbank or computer and set off on assignment.

Stun Guns

I am sure the last thing you thought about for this list was self defense. The truth is even stun guns have made the jump to USB power. A quality stun gun should not be frowned upon as a viable self defense tool. Though it will never take the place of your CCW, the stun gun can be incredibly effective in close range or in a surprise situation.


Obviously this tech was designed to power our electronic devices. The micro USB was meant to fuel phones and this is what got them to the big leagues. Your phones, ipads and what have yous will all benefit from having a serious powerbank on hand as well.

Kids Toys

In times of disaster kids will be scared and it will not play well into you making a plan. Having the batteries or the compatibility to power their favorite toys will be crucial. Your first plan of action should be made in the quiet with laser like focus. Without a way to power your kids’ favorite toys silence will be nearly impossible to achieve.

Buy and Charge

So you understand the importance of this power source and having items that can rely on it. The powerbank is not a generator. It can power your fridge but it can keep a ton of other things working. In the event that a generator or a Goal Zero battery pack are just out of the question you will want to look into these inexpensive powerbanks to make survival a little easier on you.

I will leave you with this one piece of advice:

Buy them and immediately charge them. When the lights go out a drawer full of dead powerbanks may be more frustrating than the disaster itself!







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