How the End of the World Could Save the World

How the End of the World Could Save the World

August 13, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Whether you are currently adapting to the world that is changing around us every day or laughing at the crazy guy at your job taking survival classes, there is a place in your head reserved for what if. Those of us who are paying attentions realize things are, and have been, falling to the wayside. This is not something coming down the road it’s in the left lane and moving at a blistering pace. Some choose to keep up with it while others shrug shoulders and get off at the next exit. I believe the space for what if in the general public is growing. Now whether they are secure enough to admit it to others is another topic, fortunately, that really doesn’t matter so long as they act on it.

I fight hunger. On a daily basis I am assessing the growing rate of poverty and hunger in the city I call home. Fighting hunger is not just about providing people with food. In fact staving off hunger and creating long term solutions has brought me to the realization that only the type of self-sufficiency the prepper community is creating can do the job.

The number of people prepping or even considering that first super pail purchase from Emergency Essentials is vastly increasing. It is infectious. You see this eccentric idea that we can survive on our own without the utilities or a monetary system is spreading like a disease. The reason being, it’s the way we have done it for thousands of years. It’s the way every creature on the planet except humans, lives each day. It is natural.

Canning, preserving naturally, community gardening, community supported agriculture, natural medicine, sure a list of things any concerned prepper should want to learn right. This is also a list on my desktop at work. It’s a list that I think could change the face of poverty and hunger in America if not the world. Oddly similar, huh? These ideas and concepts can be learned and implemented all over the country as a hedge against hunger as well as a safety net from food shortages or economic downfall.

Now for thick headed Americans there is but one saving grace that could push our lazy tails from off the couch and back into the yard and the woods to learn these things. It’s the threat of a EMP attack or a Financial Collapse, or a solar flare, or a zombie apocalypse or a myriad of other potential disasters. It’s TEOTWAWKI. The end of the cushy life we all lead. The end of the world is, as it should be, a great motivator.

The fact is there is a movement. The public is opening its eyes and moving towards self-reliance. These groups will continue to grow as things get gradually more unstable. It is important that we help the newbies along and network with those around us. Building strong communities is how you prep effectively. It is also how you help those out of work back on their feet. How you keep the hungry fed. Are you seeing the connection?

The end of the world could save the world. If when the lights go out on your block and the next thing that happens is ….they all come back on thanks to the solar generators tied into each home, well, it makes for a lot less chaos.  If when the shelves go bare and we simply pluck something from the greenhouse or head over to the garden on 5th and Franklin to grab a bite to eat we are smiling in the face of disaster.

The end of the world could save the world but there is much work to be done. If you nurture your community and help those around you all the while preparing yourself this can be accomplished. Spreading the word about having some food and water storage or taking some time out of your week to build a community coop or garden is not only helpful but also satisfying.

The problems we face today can’t be fixed today. That being said we can save the tomorrow by starting today.


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