Homesteading Roundtable with On the Objective

Homesteading Roundtable with On the Objective

October 29, 2018 podcast 0


This was a great time! This barrage of great questions about self reliance and prepping is just perfect to hear from a group of guys with variable backgrounds. You will find that we are a lot more similar than you think! Enjoy this podcast and look forward to more coming in the future. 

Join your host Steven Menking as he welcomes James Walton, Joe Prim, Myles Francis, and Blue Shepard for a powerful roundtable discussing preparation and homesteading. For many the questions and topics discussed are a passing whim or a fool’s errand, but for people who have experienced difficult and threatening circumstances they are a lifestyle and a consistent focus. We hope you appreciate and enjoy this important conversation with questions, answers, and solutions we need in order to make better decisions in challenging times. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!


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