Having Fun with Cool New Camping and Grilling Gear

Having Fun with Cool New Camping and Grilling Gear

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The conversation about camping and outdoor gear can get a bit stuffy. It’s pretty much the same way with any other endeavor that requires gear from highly competitive sources. In the mix of it all its easy to forget that camping is fun! It should always be about having an enjoyable time and appreciating the wild.

Hershey’s S’mores Caddy, Kickstand Tools, and Ceramic Skillet

I got my hands on some great products from the folks over at www.mrbarbq.com and we took them out for a little backyard camping with the kids. It was a great reminder of what we are doing when we camp. So often the adventure and the hunt can overshadow the experience of camping. It takes a solid backyard camp trip to get you back on track.

I set the Coleman four person tent up and got the fire pit primed early. I knew we would be doing some grilling but we would also be testing out the awesome S’mores Caddy by campfire. Once the kids saw the tent they knew it was time to have fun. It’s amazing, how magical sleeping just outside your home can be for little boys.

Our first order of business was getting a good meal in our bellies while we let the campfire come together. For the marinated grilled chicken and crooked neck squash I decided to go with a marinade of

Olive oil

Fresh garlic, minced


Seasoned salt


Kickstand Tools

Kickstand For my grill these culinary weapons are the perfect fit. The kickstand feature on these tools is what gives them their name and it is the feature that someone with my background in food safety can really appreciate. All surfaces are not created equal. I am always concerned about where my tools are laying and what was there before them. Kickstand tools never lay directly on any surface. This is such a great benefit when you are cooking for children. You can be sure that what you are making is safe. My wife also loves the fact that they do not smear bbq sauce on surfaces either the way a spoon or a normal brush would. 

  • Each set comes with a sturdy spatula
  • A pair of tongs
  • And a nice long brush

More important than the kickstand tech, that is the namesake, is the fact that these are legitmate grill tools and are strong and ready for battle. These are not tools that will bend or break from simple use.  I used them once and tossed out my older kitchen tongs as well as my old spatula. I didn’t have a brush of that length so the brush was an upgrade for me

Ceramic Skillet

In the summer we grow food. We grow lots of it. One thing we always have is green beans. My kids prefer them raw over any other method but in the ceramic skillet you can actually grill these beans. Things like beans see the best use for this product in my opinion. Another great use is grilling boiled soy beans or edamame.

The skillet has small holes and a removable handle that allow you to grill things you hadn’t thought possible before. Some things are just too much of a hassle for your average griller. Though I haven’t tried it yet, I have a feeling that the skillet would be a great option for grilling shellfish.

S’mores Caddy

The quintessential campfire food gets a special carrying case in this S’mores Caddy. It reminds me of a little tackle box with compartments for your mallows, chocolate and grahams. If you have little kids they get a kick out of this thing.

I am going to be honest and tell you that outside of camping outback or drive up campsites the caddy is pretty impractical. Still, if you are a fan of a backyard camping and you have little kids who are looking for a job they will love this thing.

We had a ball with all of the tools but the kids had a special connection with their S’more caddy. My oldest son made it his duty to carry this thing around and watch over it. He knew what deliciousness lurked inside.

All of these tools are high quality and highly functional. The best part about them all is they are a reminder that we need to have fun in the outdoors. Getting to the summit and getting the selfie is a good time but just hanging in the backyard with your family is such a departure from daily life…

..which is undeniably necessary.

Special Thanks to the folks over at www.mrbarbq.com 







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