Guest Appearance: Ever Vigilant Podcast with Joe Prim

Guest Appearance: Ever Vigilant Podcast with Joe Prim

November 26, 2018 podcast 0


Joe Prim has gone from being a listener of the I AM Liberty Show to a brother in arms running his own business. Check his entire operation out at

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In this episode, I’m joined again by James Walton. For two years he has been freelance writing in the survival and preparedness niche. He takes pride in pushing people in the direction of self-sufficiency among other things. While his writing interests are varied and range from cooking to community building and even the end of all things. We catch up today to talk about his newest project a book titled ‘The Christmas Hook”. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the opportunity to ask some questions about the where this very original Christmas story came from. The Christmas Hook is set in the ’90s and that brings up some great conversation of a simpler time that wasn’t that long ago.

If you want to win a copy of The Christmas Hook give this episode a listen and I’ll tell you how.

The Christmas Hook |


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