Getting your voice heard in the most unusual way

Getting your voice heard in the most unusual way

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this is a post from a listener and man who has taken on the task of contributing to the Reroot USA movement. Thank you Eric for your help. Great Article. It reminds me of my days in a heavy metal band in high school  We hung flyers for all of our little shows and ya know what…It worked!

    Most recently I posted in the forums at RerootUSA about ways to contact your Governor, Congressmen/women, and Senators in ways that don’t require you to use your voice. Email and social media has become such a huge part of our society, we actually have better platforms to make our voices heard more often than before. There is any leaving messages and waiting for office hours, we can bombard our elected officials’ mailboxes and websites with our opinions at anytime of the day or night. But we have other more classic ways to get that message out to our communities.

I speak rather well to people whenever I feel the need to express my opinion regarding local politics. I do my homework about my elected officials (and they are mine whether I’ve voted for them or not). In my opinion, I don’t think people are immediately uncomfortable when talking about politics, I think they become uneasy when I show my confidence in my opinion being the right one. I think people get flustered when they are unable to compete in a debate and choose to not talk about it. So my thoughts went to Thomas Paine, and the 18th century style of the pamphlet.

    When I read books from modern day conservatives (Glenn Beck is a particular favorite), they are riddled with facts that contradict the current Administration and the MSM. Now, there is no way I’m going to get my neighbors to read Glenn Beck. Besides living in a majority Democrat state, most people barely read the newspaper or news sites anymore, much less read an entire book, filled with political opinion. So my first thought was to gather some of these facts with a handful of sites to back them up, and a small paragraph, and turn them into a flyer. Making copies is usually easy for most of us, either in the home, or sneaking it through work. I would take a handful of these copies to parts of town (usually not near my home) where these facts need to be spread. Pick a grocery store or a mall parking lot and drop a handful under wiper blades. Be quick and get moving, or you risk someone asking questions, or learning your identity. Never show a pattern like using the same day of the week, or the same lots several weeks in a row, make a point to move around. This takes just a few minutes a week to complete, and if only one person picks it up and reads it, you might get through. Bring a copy with you to a restaurant and leave it on the table after you go. There are little subtle places you can leave a copy, what’s the worst that can happen? They’ll throw it out. It’s a small price to pay.

    If you’re looking to spend a little more money (not much), you can have your own bumper stickers made up. Three to four word sayings (ex. Jobs Not Amnesty) that express what you want to say. Maybe advertising for a website that you think is worthy of your time and money (ex. RerootUSA). Slap these stickers on a random light pole somewhere when no one is looking. It’ll get wet and eventually fall off, or some raging liberal will attempt to peel it off and end up tearing it up, but people sitting in traffic will see it, and a few of them might actually visit the site. I see stickers for bands all over the street signs in Chicago where I’m from, and it has an effect.

    These things will take more of your time than money, but it’s a small price to pay to get your message heard. Not everyone can articulate the conservative message the way a Beck/Limbaugh can, and no one is expecting you to. But if you’re confident what you’re doing is right, these little tactics will help you feel like you’ve done your part. We all want to participate, even if it’s just a flyer on the car window. Progressives and liberals are working 365 to continue their march toward atheizing destroying this country, and we are responsible if this comes to fruition.



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