February 3, 2014 poetry 0

I wrote this poem while I was waiting for Mike D to arrive at our campsite atop the Appalachians in Western Virginia. It was late, cool and all the stars were out. I scribed by campfire light while cheese tortellini with kale, garlic, red chili and sopressata cooked in a cast iron pan.

Get High!
calling back and forth
shooting the breeze from tree top to tree top
i am below but still so high

have you seen her? modelled from the stars
dressed in black with heavens in her eyes
i watch heat dance around the ash
as a whisper blows through the party

should we burn another or should we retire
one more breath of this sweet air
i feel it deep in my lungs
now this is nature, this is enlightenment

what i would give to have her here and now
though Mother will have to do
let the night cast its spell over me


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