Get Better, Faster, by Failing at Three Gun Competitions

Get Better, Faster, by Failing at Three Gun Competitions

May 30, 2018 news 1


Look, I watched John Wick. More importantly I watched that incredible YouTube video of Keanu Reeve’s training to portray John Wick. It brought to bear a level of proficiency with a few firearms that I didn’t know existed. It also got me thinking, why aren’t more people training and competing in three gun? Myself included!

Three gun is a competitive style of shooting that requires a shooter to follow a preordained path and fire at an array of targets. I have seen targets range from metal to cardboard to even water jugs! The thing about this style of shooting competition is that its exciting and pretty much left up to those who put on the event. The three guns you will need are a carbine semi auto rifle, or AR15 style weapon, a semi automatic handgun and a shotgun.

I realize that all of this might already sound incredibly intimidating. That is ok. That’s what we want. Only through that nasty feeling can we really grow and improve. Trust me, you cannot improve how you shoot while sitting on your couch reading guns and ammo magazine or playing Call of Duty.

My Arrival at the Three Gun Challenge

As I look down the barrel of my own three gun journey, I cant help but be reminded of the first time I stepped into the MMA Institute. For about 2 years I trained at this local gym and I practiced Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu there. Never before. I don’t care what you think about intimidation, until you walk into a gym full of guys who can beat you up and mock you at the same time, you haven’t felt that pit deep enough.

Now, that wasn’t the scene at the MMA Institute but it was just under the surface. It could rear its ugly head and you were always aware of it. Still, I made the greatest gains in physical fitness and fighting skill at that gym. The most valuable information was not how to throw a high kick or how to catch someone in an armbar, it was how weak my hips were, how hard blocking was and were my coordination would fail.

FAILURE. It was by far the best teacher.

After my second son was born I had taken a bigger role at work and the Institute fell to the wayside. I’ll be back for more, soon.

What I see now is another opportunity just like the MMA Institute. An opportunity to really quantify just how much I suck. Its a chance to get out of my comfort zone and fail, again. Its a chance to start something that might not look good after the first month but in just 2 years I will be a different man, again! Better.

Why Failing at Three Gun Competition is Right for Me and You 

For preppers, survivalists, sheepdogs and whatever else the listeners of the I AM Liberty Show might be, three gun offers you a unique opportunity to hit a set of targets that most shooters don’t. It also puts pressure on you to get better with your firearms. With all the hustle and bustle of the day, getting into the range is no easy feat. It can be a real struggle for most of us.

The goal of getting better waves out there like flag but after the wife, job, kids, gym and whatever else it can fall to the wayside. If you are serious about getting better with your firearms these courses will do it and failing at these competitions will keep you honest and keep you improving.

Interesting Reading on Three Gun

After a little light reading on the topic of three gun competition, it would seem that there are many ideas that are contrary to popular belief. While the competition might sound straight forward I think you will be surprised what top three gun voices on the internet are recommending.

  1. Don’t Buy Anything

My first thought when I started playing with this idea was to write a list of the things I would need. There are some serious pieces of gear that I will need to buy if I want to participate.

Many article recommend that you don’t buy gear. Don’t try to model a three gun setup off of what the pros are using. This advice is most important to my readers because we want to be proficient with the firearms we use all the time. If we have a tricked out three gun Glock but carry a 1911 daily, do you think we are getting the benefits from our three gun training?

2. Don’t Practice for Three Gun

This one might blow you away more than the first. It certainly did me, until I read on. For a beginner training three gun is not only impossible without a course but its useless because you wont even know what you are training for! It would seem that the recommendations come down to training good mechanics at the range. It all goes back to knowing how to use your weapon.

Three Gun Gear I am Looking At

Belt System

I will need to make a few upgrades to my belt and the amount of magazines, and type, I can carry. This is very important because the pros are winning in the time it takes to reload. That’s not to say I want to compete with the best but it means that reloading is where you can get better the fastest.

Ear Protection

Quality ear protection is going to save your hearing but assure you can hear the beep of the timer going off. You don’t want to spend successive weekends around shotguns blasting in your head without some ear protection.

Tons of Ammo

Many of you might be sitting on this already but here is another excuse to stock up on ammunition!

Final Thoughts

I am a man of many aspirations. For years I held them back and tried to stay in line and focus on making a living the way my job wanted me to. Even then I strayed. Well, the chains have been broken, thanks to you guys and my great base of clients and sponsors. I have an obligation to try new things and to write about them. I have an obligation to do the most with this life because there are others who cannot.

Whether its blacksmithing, three gun or whatever is next. I’m going in and chasing whimsy. Talk soon!

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