Garage Band Restorative Shake

Garage Band Restorative Shake

January 5, 2016 featured 0

My band in high school was called Defilement because we thought we were deep, hateful, pale, white kids and we listened to a lot of death metal among other things. To be frank we all turned out to be great guys! The Garage Band Restorative Shake was inspired by Defilement. In fact I think I will call it the Heal Me Now, Heal-ME-NOW which is a more positive version of some lyrics from one of our long forgotten songs.

IM SICK. I am hoping this shake will kick me back into orbit. Thanks Brandon, Wally, Keith and PACO for some great times in sweltering sound proof garage in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Heal Me Now, HEAL-ME-NOW!

2 big leaves swiss chard, torn

2 big leaves kale, torn

1 banana

2 garlic cloves cracked and peeled

1 cup of apple juice

1 tsp fresh minced ginger

2 tsp of curry powder

1000mg of vitamin c, powder form

blend until your greens look like tiny confetti in. This thing is mean and intrusive. Not a sip out by the pool type of thing. It will bust open all of your sick holes but believe me it will rocket you to health. Its packed with super nutrients and even some turmeric hiding in the curry powder.





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