Four safety tips for the common infidel

Four safety tips for the common infidel

January 8, 2015 news 2

After the beheading in Oklahoma I came on the show and announced that we were at war. That for the first time in our lifetime war has washed ashore. The events in Oklahoma, Boston, within our military and of course the threats that have not made the evening news are acts of war. There is a nation of Islam and it’s soldiers are hiding in the darkest corners of this nation waiting for the perfect time to strike. Make no mistake about it their is a segment of this religion whom have declare war on America. 


I would never call out an entire religion . I would never even consider the idea of ending the practice of any religion. Still, I will not stand by and allow my world to fall apart o. The fear of offending with the truth. Of course all Muslims are not rapist, slave owning murderers but there is a group of Muslims all over the world, and their ranks are growing, that want you and your family dead or converted. Never be dissuaded from this fact.


So I ask you in this article, as I have on the show before, are you prepared for Islam. Are you prepared to protect your family when the next guerrilla attack claims lives in America? Below I will give you a number of suggestions and my own personal actions taken to assure preparation for such an issue.


Self Defense


Whether you like to hear it or not the stock and trade of this enemy is to hold down the weak and sever their heads. In order for this to happen the enemy must first get close to you. Do you know how to hurt someone in close. Do you know how to land a devastating elbow, dislocate a shoulder or crush an esophagus?


Self defense is a must in 2015 America. Marc Magazine, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are three great choices.


Strength and Dominance in Appearance


It’s important to understand the enemy is comprised of cowards. They are cowards who hide their women’s potential under clothing and masks. They are cowards who attack women. There was an 80 year old woman beheaded in London. What does that tell you?


Carry yourself with confidence and power, man or woman. Be a powerful and intimidating target. If that means a shiny revolver on your hip than so be it. These animals are hunting weak prey that will make great victims on the news. It’s about fear and terror. The Qur’an says this.


Situational Awareness


This may be the most important preparation you can take. Know your surroundings. Know who surrounds you. Know your exits and the possibility for improvised weaponry. You are always surround by things that are sharp, hard, jagged or heavy. Understand how these everyday objects can be used to protect yourself. If you can be just one step ahead of an attack you can significantly increase your chance of survival.




If there is anything you will learn from I AM Liberty it’s that so many answers and resources can come from those in your neighborhoods. It’s up to us as Americans to rebuild these communities. We have to know who lives among us. We have to work towards common goals. Information is everything in these situations and I can’t tell you how important it is to know those in your community. It’s a forgotten bit of passive security


War. No one is talking them out of it. The police are being handcuffed and will not be a viable option in every case. We are quickly moving into a time where your safety and security will be your responsibility. Of course that won’t be stated but it will be the reality.


This enemy busted through Europe and Africa in the past and was stopped in France. In a world of bullets and drones Radical Islam has made it to the new world and collapsed the sensibilities of England. Don’t let them do the same to you. I believe in a healthy fear of your enemy but not in the fear of naming that enemy.


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  1. KANE says:

    So, you FAILED to realize that we were at war UNTIL Americans were beheaded ?
    Where were you on 9/11 ?

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