Forget About SHTF, 4 lifestyle changes to make today to prepare for tomorrow

Forget About SHTF, 4 lifestyle changes to make today to prepare for tomorrow

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How many nations have fallen into a complete collapse? Better yet, in the last 200 years how many first world nations have broken down completely into complete chaos? This is not to say that the perfect scenario and the perfect set of circumstances couldn’t come along and throw our country into a tailspin. Anything’s possible. In my opinion its time to move away from buying things to get you prepared and begin real lifestyle changes for the world that is here.

On the podcast, I AM Liberty, I like to look at things from many different angles and drive home points about staying in balance and dealing with the reality of now. Sure you can prepare for something like an EMP attack, a pandemic or even a complete economic collapse. You could also play the lottery. I am sure the odds are similar when we talk about preparing for any specific situation.


Prepping is not a new topic anymore nor is it a new idea. Though like anything else I think it is due for some evolution. Any idea or concept is often stripped down and modified until it becomes the pen ultimate of its original. The pulse pounding theories and situations that we read about where America crumbles into nothing more than a desolate wasteland ruled by the most powerful and the most ruthless are much more exciting than what I am about to say.

Unfortunately for all of us there are very few circumstances where the EVERDAY LIFE switch will get turned off and the PREPPER/SURVIVAL switch will be turned on. It is very unlikely that we will have eight hours a day to devote gardening or foraging or even defending our property. Its America baby! Unless things completely collapse the vast majority of us will have to get up and go to work 5-6 days a week.

Lets think about it, if we fall into another great war, if natural disasters ratchet up to cataclysmic levels in certain parts of the nation, if anything barring a complete and total collapse of our society takes places we are still going to have to work. We might even still be taking Jr. to tee ball practice. This is where these lifestyle changes are going to be crucial.

I see violence, I see racial enmity, I see riots, I see a vulnerable public and vulnerable food, power and water system. What I don’t see is how any of that will change my world from being a fulltime worker, father, and husband. How will sweeping and often temporary power outages force multi billion dollar businesses to close? If we see a rash of riots and home invasions, well, that’s just money to be made for repairs and privatized security. Trust me we are all going to work. The government will make sure of that. You could be in food lines, water lines, medicine lines but guess what? You aren’t getting in that line till after you have work day.

There is no can out there, no rifle, no mutli tool that can get you through TEOTWAWKI, SHTF, or insert prepper cliché, especially if it never gets to that point. What I hope everyone who reads this article understands is that America, whether in distress or not, is ready for serious changes. Lifestyle changes.


Its time to begin taking steps to growing, raising, rearing, mixing, mashing, braising your own food. As well as gardening and raising chickens or rabbits or what have you Americans have to learn how to cook again. I am always so surprised at how many Americans cannot cook for themselves.

Take small steps towards growing your own food. Gardens, fruit and nut trees, mushroom logs, wild edibles, hunting…..figure out what options work the best for your are. This, to me, is the most important lifestyle change you will make.


If you are working towards growing much of your own food than this lifestyle change will be much easier as much of personal health comes down to diet.

Still, exercise is crucial. You should always look to maximize your body’s full potential. Its not all about lifting weights

Vitamins and herbs should be your homework. You can really pull yourself out of a bad place with the right combinations or doses of these. Crystallized Vitamin C makes me feel like Wolverine. It is my enhanced healing factor. Rethink your medicine cabinet after you have done your research. The best place to learn about this stuff quickly and easily is at Sam Coffman’s podcast The Human Path is filled with great information on herbs.


If you know me by now than its all about the community. Simple. The above-mentioned are much easier to achieve when everyone is growing, when everyone is working hard to get healthy. Pair up and go on runs or in my neighborhood we do yoga at the park on the weekends. There is a $5 entrance fee that goes towards our community garden. Get creative and build your neighborhood.


It should be taught in school. The idea that I left high school and didn’t know how to throw a punch is really weird to me. Many of my friends went to colleges like Temple in North Philadelphia or Drexel near West Philly. Many of my friends were also robbed or attacked. That is the reality of right now. How does that look in 5-10 years?

Never forget, no matter what the t.v or your professor tells you. There is a portion of the population all around you that wants to hurt you, rob you, rape you and whatever else. Always be aware of your surroundings and I would suggest taking up some level of self-defense training. Krav Maga is about the best thing available to the majority of folks for dealing with real life circumstances.


At the end of the day I think its important to get our heads away from this idea that one event is going to level the whole of society. Its much more likely that things will become highly unstable in different parts of the country at different times. People will do their jobs and things will stabilize only to go haywire elsewhere in the country. Make these lifestyle changes now because we are going to simply hit a switch and become full time guerillas/preppers/survivalists overnight. No. I think the road to that point will be much, much more difficult than the task of simply surviving.


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