Fight The Jeweler

Fight The Jeweler

January 25, 2017 poetry 2

I was merely ore

Dug from a valley of oil and stimuli

Ore of a “privileged” metal

Though somehow in weak demand

My value falling before my eyes

Sifted and sieved by judgement

Small pieces of me mixing with pieces of others

The dust of me colliding with circumstance


We all begin as ore

Before long we are little bits of it all

The trials of the foundry await us


You will never be poured pure

Kelvin be damned


Rather, bond with everything around you


Sift your life with theirs and become aware

Your base ore is only the start




This brilliant journey is squandered by

The wicked jewelers and dealers

Metals here; diamonds there

You leave your worth in their hands?


You are more than the ore you began to be

Clamor out of rigorous categorization

Fight the jeweler, fight the jeweler

Let your true composition shine

We are all little bits of each other


You are more than the ore you began to be

Fight the jeweler, fight the jeweler, fight the jeweler


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  1. Future Dan says:

    I like it. Dylan Thomas-esque.

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