Dont Miss Fridays Live Show on Setting Goals in 2015

Dont Miss Fridays Live Show on Setting Goals in 2015

December 10, 2014 news 0

The earth is coming up on its final rotations around the sun for 2014. How was your year? Did you achieve some great things? I am sure you had some hardships. Or was 2014 littered with chaos and failure. Did it seem like the whole world was against you? What if I told you the only things working against you was you? Would you be mad at me? If you aren’t setting goals than it might be true.

Nothing in this world stands still. You know that buy now I am sure. We are creatures of constant movement of auto refresh. Think of your life the same way. If you are not moving forward you are being moved backward. It’s the facts. Make 2015 a year to remember and not only for the trials that it presented.

Tonight we are going to talk about setting goals for 2015. I will talk about some of my own that are personal as well as goals for the I AM Liberty Show. We will explore some tips on setting goals and following through on them. How do you track your goals? Most importantly how do you go from a one night stand goal setter to committed one. That right there is a great analogy. Hahaha.

2015 will be a big year for the show and beyond great goals we have some great upcoming guests to talk about as well.

Of course the world is burning. Protests and war and commodity prices dipping the new Nazis are on the march through the Middle East. What does it all mean? Who knows? We will talk about it though. Its I AM Liberty the podcast that is Rerooting America. So don’t miss another swollen hour or I will have you water boarded by Al Gore and all of your 100 watt light bulbs confiscated. You wreckless criminals!



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