Completely Sustainable Gardening System

Completely Sustainable Gardening System

April 24, 2017 news 0

Is there anything like eating out of your backyard? I don’t know about you but when I get the change to look out back and see beds of kale, chard, beets and spinach growing tall I am so satisfied. Just having access to your own food is so wonderful. There is the self reliance that goes along with that and of course there are the vast nutritional benefits. I am always preaching about growing your own food and its an incremental process for many.

When I started on my ¾ of an acre lot I had lots of room but not enough vision. I tried all kinds of things. I remember growing in pallets, tilling dirt and just trying all types of methods. I wasn’t only looking for success but I wanted to have a system that allowed me to grow each year with minimal if any purchases from garden or hardware stores. I wanted to be able to improve my soil, gather my own seeds and have a completely sustainable garden system.

There are some very key measures you must take to make this work. After a few years of failures I learned a lot about how to create success and strive towards a more powerful and sustainable garden


If you are sharing a space with children, dogs, chickens or even wildlife protection is the key. You must build fences, cover small plants or start young ones in a greenhouse. You will lose too many plants if you allow these creatures (children included) free range over your young garden.


This is the live blood of your garden. Each year all that great nutrition will be sapped from your soil and into your plants. You can replace it by adding your own homemade compost to your garden beds at the turn of each season or at the end of your growing cycle.


I am a huge proponent of keeping chickens. I think they have tremendous benefits to your yard, garden, health and way of life. Watching chickens is something that I really enjoy. That said, Their poop is gold for your garden. It cannot be used right away but after about 6 months of composting it will add growing power to your garden.

These are just some of the key elements to growing and creating a completely sustainable gardening system. Mine us only on ¾ of an acre and while it is not perfect yet, we are getting there.

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