Celebrating Easter as a Better Person

Celebrating Easter as a Better Person

April 1, 2018 news 1

When you sit down and think about Easter, once you get through the candy and the eggs, you might get a little cynical. I have often heard it called Happy Zombie Jesus day by the agnostics. I have read some compelling arguments about the rise of Jesus. Of course, basic biology would tell you that all of that is just not possible.

My relationship with God and the bible has been a journey of many puzzles and lessons. I have learned more from the bible by picking apart text and applying it to making me a better person than through anything else. That has been the life I have led up until now, in regard to God and the bible.

When I think about Easter it is another lesson. Its a time to reflect on what you have been, what needs to die, (in you) and the slow process of being reborn a better person. In the bible this story of Jesus being reborn happens only once. In your life it should happen all the time. You should forever be killing off your old self to piece together a new version of you.

Jesus returned to life on this day and the story is not unique to him as you can find similar stories in other religions. All of religion, to me, is a reminder of the precious time we have on this planet. Its a guide for how to make the most of it in a way that will still allow for the niceties and necessities of civilization.

Today is your rebirth. Be the best you can and look for every opportunity to be reborn



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