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I AM Liberty Show: Squirrel Hunting, Troops In Charlotte and Racism

After a long afternoon chasing squirrels with the air rifle my I couldn’t shake the whole issue in Charlotte. Troops were brought in to control the citizens and I never like the sounds of that. It is very important that we run away from this type of thing. Frankly it scares me.

I AM Liberty Show: Survive a Mass Shooting, Celibacy and Muay Thai Promotion


Its clear that Americans need to consider a new level of disaster training. We have to spend time learning how to best handle these terrible active shooter situations. I have a new training manual in production as we speak.

There is a swami in India who claims to be 120 and one of his keys to longevity is NO SEX! Gotta talk about that.

Our next generation is coming up in a perilous time. I have some advice for the young parents in the listening audience.


I AM Liberty Show: Bugout Audit, Aspirations and OUR FIRST EGG


Thanks to those of you who entered the I AM Liberty SURVIVE THE BUGOUT CHALLLENGE. We are still accepting contestants up until the the 1st of September. I am very pleased to see people joining the fun and hope more do in the near future.

I cant talk about the death anymore so we are going to discuss aspirations and goals and whats coming for James Walton and I AM Liberty.

Also a huge goal was met this weekend as we received our first egg from our hens! Boy was it tasty!


I AM Liberty Show: Killing Food, Achievement, Dusk or Dawn

I slaughtered a chicken for the first time this weekend. Processed and ate the little guy and ya know i learned a lot.

Pushing hard by the light of the moon and in the early light of dawn lately. I am coming to understand a little more about time management and how a family effects that. How can you position yourself for success with a family involved as well.

With all the hard work things are happening. There is so much going on in the I AM Liberty world. Challenges, Comics, Books, Freelance. Its so important to be working towards something or this world will hollow you out.

Guest Appearance on Whitetail Rendezvous Podcast!

High level hunting podcast Whitetail Rendezvous had me on to discuss my journey into the hunting world. This was a great experience. Please take sometime and enjoy this recording. Of course I am on it but also there is a index of great hunters giving big advice on the subject. its a great resource. check it out!

I AM Liberty Show: Cooking Methods, Braising

Braising, inexpensive meats made great!

5-13-16 oven-braised-beef-brisket-au-jus-600x444-70759For our first week in this series on cooking we are going to talk about braising. This cooking method is my favorite by far. This is a transformation technique that often involves tougher cuts of meat. This means cheaper cuts of meat. If you can learn to manipulate cheap/unwanted cuts of meat you are doing something great.

5-13-16Braising is often times associated with cold weather but it can also be used in the spring. One of my favorite things to braise is the lamb shank. Nothing says spring like a delicious piece of lamb. Aside from lamb though there is a plethora of other things that can be braised and I want you folks to get used to and accustomed to adding this cooking method into your arsenal.

5-13-16 HTFN36_Braise-Meat-32_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni18col.landscapeIts a firm belief of mine that cooking and learning to cook for yourself should be as important as learning to read or add. Its insane that we leave high school with AP courses under our belts but still look to others to prepare our food. Nutrition an cooking should not be an elective. The direct correlation between what we eat and our health is scientifically undeniable. That said it only makes sense that in a house of learning this gets conveyed. Instead we have mandatory classes like ‘how to hit a ball with a stick.’

This series will be geared towards how and when to utilize each cooking method. It will arm you with a new set of tools when it comes to food preparation. The ability to transform raw ingredients from your pantry or the wild into food is an indispensable survival skill. The most important thing to understand is that you can become an expert at all of these cooking methods. I hope you look at food through a different lense following this series of shows. So tell your friends and family the crazy host of I AM Liberty is going off the deep end on cooking and you won’t want to miss it.

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