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The first ever Prepper Comic! Join the Campaign!

The Project

I am asking for your help in achieving something incredible. I released a book last year called Our World: Recovered Journals. It featured the journals of four unique characters in several locations across a collapsed America. Thanks to you the book was not only received well it has also brought us to a conclusion. Our World could be more. It was ready to evolve.


Our World: Recovered Journals will become the first prepper comic book. Broken down into volumes each will feature the four original characters and their stories alongside beautiful color artwork of each story. The volumes will feature the artwork of Evelyn Wesley along with a skill or tip illustrated in the back of each volume. There will be plenty of room for advertisement as well for those interested. We are looking to tell a great story and reach a whole new audience for preparedness.


This project will be funded partially through an indie go go campaign. I would be honored if you would participate in funding the first prepper comic book. Any amount you could offer up would go first to paying our great artist Evelyn Wesley. Beyond that it will go to the production and marketing the publication. I really feel that we can use this comic as a means to reach a new audience. There is no argument that the more people we have prepared for the future the better future we will have.

The Perks

There are several exciting perks for those of you who decide to contribute to our project! There are options ranging from a signed copy of Our World: Recovered Journals to becoming an actual character. We will write and illustrate you into the comic itself.

$25 social media love

Do you have a message, website or product you would like in front of an audience? With a contribution of $25 we will give your message, site or product some social media love. It will be placed in a unique post and tweet for the I AM Liberty audience. It will live there forever.

$30 signed copy of Our World

The book that started this journey will be delivered to your door signed by James Walton the author and host of I AM Liberty!

$50 concept art

For those out there looking for something unique a $50 contribution will net you a signed copy of Evelyn Wesley’s concept art for Our World.

$100 shout out on I AM Liberty

At this level you are really doing something special. Therefore you deserve a shout on the I AM Liberty podcast. I will rep your product, message, website or service on our live Friday show

$1000 Character Offshoot

If you’ve really got money to spend then go the distance and become a piece of the Our World Comic forever. Your name will be and illustration will be included as an offshoot character in one of our upcoming volumes.

We will work together to create a character and story that you can be proud of. This really is a unique option and I would highly recommend it if it’s your cup of tea.


This is the future. Not just for comics or peppers. Campaigns like these will become increasingly more popular overtime. We talk a lot about no s being shipped to China and the struggle to know where our money is going and how it’s being used.

This campaign is a great opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. Support our project and know your money is creating an American product, with an American story, and beyond that it’s making hard working Americans some money.

Thanks so much for your consideration. I hope to be mailing out some of these unique perks in the near future!

Listen to your body. Its crying out for self reliance!

Lately I have been looking into biomechanics and the way humans “used” to live. The way the human body is supposed to work, move and succeed. As I write this article I understand the hypocrisy. I am sitting in a heated home, watching a television, typing on a laptop computer and when I am finished will be sending this document through email and by Monday thousands of you will have read it. This wont be an article about beating up technology. It will be an article about finding our human balance again.

I say “used” to live because we are talking about 100 years ago people were much more aligned with nature and their bodies. People hunted more often than not, there was much less sitting. While walking and discovering was a part of everyday life. So we look at the NEW human who wraps his feet in big puffy expensive shoes, stares into screens all day and relies on some giant infrastructures to feed him, clothe him and assure that he gets the most important thing in the NEW humans life, money.

There have to be serious mental implications to spending our whole lives focusing our big brain power at dirty green paper and having it be the make or break in our society. The more dirty green paper you have the better person you are? The more success you have had?

Don’t get me wrong I love money and I am a fan of the quote by Coco Chanel that says.   “ the best things in life are free but the second best are very expensive.”

Its like I say on I AM Liberty all the time. Its about balance and we are falling way out of balance. The urge to homestead, to prepare and become more self reliant is not only the looming danger but also your body speaking to you. Below I want to outline exactly what your body is crying out for to achieve that balance again.


I am not seasoned hunter. There may come a time when I can proclaim such a thing. Still, it doesn’t take many trips into the woods to realize hunting is about much more than that mount on the wall. Being in nature, listening, sneaking, engaging muscles you rarely use to duck under thorns or sit motionless for an extended period. Learning from nature. This is a time to learn about edibles, its time to focus your eyes on a distance they rarely see in the up close world of cubicles ad wall hung televisions. All of this before you even see an animal. Before those skills are challenged your body is brought back to one of its most ancient duties.

The importance of camping

When I take people into the mountains or even when I go alone there is always something in this “alien” terrain that takes the breath away. If there is an activity that better allows you to break free of the inclusive and connected world we have built than I haven’t found it yet.

Sleeping on the ground in the middle of a forest on the top of a mountain is not the best sleep you will get but it will disconnect you. It will remind you of the giant world that is out there. It’s the world outside of the hourly wage or the balance due.

There is also something about removing the protection of your walls. Knowing you are out there with the beasts and all that separates you is the micro thin wall of your tent is another important experience. Whether you are armed with bear mace or not the idea of one of those giant animals always remains in the back of your mind.

To me waking with the sun and the birds and spending the day with trees, rocky cliff sides and mountain top stream is incomparable. You can bring your device but if you are lucky it wont get a signal ayway.

Working with your hands

Getting out there, hiking and camping is a great opportunity to put your bushcraft skills to the test. Though many parks wont allow you to remove anything from them you can chip away at rocks or trim sticks to work on bow drills or other weapons. You will have nothing but time and there is really no better time to immerse yourself in this art.

Most of us rarely produce anything with our hands except word documents and reports. Even less create deadfalls or traps on regular basis. My one word of caution would be to pack backups. Don’t count on your bow drill as your only means to start a fire especially if you have never made or used one before.

Your Kids!

Your child is an empty hard drive. It is up to you to upload important knowledge and experience onto that hard drive. Your child will grow, learn and develop to meet the needs of their environment. If you allow that environment to consist of the living room, dining room, bedroom than your child’s eyes, ears, depth perception and much more will learn to excel in that environment. Now if you take your child into the real world. Where distance is greater than wall to wall, well, maybe we wont have 15 kids in 30 child class room wearing glasses. This is one of the stronger examples of a body crying out to be outdoors, to touch the dirt and to see the world.


As we move forward with technology and progress lets never forget that we must hold onto what has brought us to this point. Remember that our body cries out for just that. We have not evolved simply by creating these screens and technologies. Also ask yourself do we want to evolve into a world of screens and technologies. Transhumanity sounds appealing in some regard but to me there is something about learning and perfecting an ancient skill that just feels so much more human.


Answer your body. Its crying out for balance. It wants move, pull and climb. It wants to experience the world outside of your suburb or cubicle. This is why so many of us are being pulled off the computer and out into the garden. Take the time or make the time to achieve that balance. We are simply not made to sit around and stare into screens all our lives. Besides, there is so much more out there. hhh

Four safety tips for the common infidel

After the beheading in Oklahoma I came on the show and announced that we were at war. That for the first time in our lifetime war has washed ashore. The events in Oklahoma, Boston, within our military and of course the threats that have not made the evening news are acts of war. There is a nation of Islam and it’s soldiers are hiding in the darkest corners of this nation waiting for the perfect time to strike. Make no mistake about it their is a segment of this religion whom have declare war on America. 


I would never call out an entire religion . I would never even consider the idea of ending the practice of any religion. Still, I will not stand by and allow my world to fall apart o. The fear of offending with the truth. Of course all Muslims are not rapist, slave owning murderers but there is a group of Muslims all over the world, and their ranks are growing, that want you and your family dead or converted. Never be dissuaded from this fact.


So I ask you in this article, as I have on the show before, are you prepared for Islam. Are you prepared to protect your family when the next guerrilla attack claims lives in America? Below I will give you a number of suggestions and my own personal actions taken to assure preparation for such an issue.


Self Defense


Whether you like to hear it or not the stock and trade of this enemy is to hold down the weak and sever their heads. In order for this to happen the enemy must first get close to you. Do you know how to hurt someone in close. Do you know how to land a devastating elbow, dislocate a shoulder or crush an esophagus?


Self defense is a must in 2015 America. Marc Magazine, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are three great choices.


Strength and Dominance in Appearance


It’s important to understand the enemy is comprised of cowards. They are cowards who hide their women’s potential under clothing and masks. They are cowards who attack women. There was an 80 year old woman beheaded in London. What does that tell you?


Carry yourself with confidence and power, man or woman. Be a powerful and intimidating target. If that means a shiny revolver on your hip than so be it. These animals are hunting weak prey that will make great victims on the news. It’s about fear and terror. The Qur’an says this.


Situational Awareness


This may be the most important preparation you can take. Know your surroundings. Know who surrounds you. Know your exits and the possibility for improvised weaponry. You are always surround by things that are sharp, hard, jagged or heavy. Understand how these everyday objects can be used to protect yourself. If you can be just one step ahead of an attack you can significantly increase your chance of survival.




If there is anything you will learn from I AM Liberty it’s that so many answers and resources can come from those in your neighborhoods. It’s up to us as Americans to rebuild these communities. We have to know who lives among us. We have to work towards common goals. Information is everything in these situations and I can’t tell you how important it is to know those in your community. It’s a forgotten bit of passive security


War. No one is talking them out of it. The police are being handcuffed and will not be a viable option in every case. We are quickly moving into a time where your safety and security will be your responsibility. Of course that won’t be stated but it will be the reality.


This enemy busted through Europe and Africa in the past and was stopped in France. In a world of bullets and drones Radical Islam has made it to the new world and collapsed the sensibilities of England. Don’t let them do the same to you. I believe in a healthy fear of your enemy but not in the fear of naming that enemy.

Hessian Slaughter and Trivial Holiday Woes

There has been one chapter of history that I simply cant get out of my head as this season winds down. Listening to people languish about family, returns, and life in America in general I can’t help but draw a comparison.

I think of George Washington and the Continental Army crossing the icy waters of the Delaware to surprise and slay the Hessians in what was no doubt a battle ruled by hand to hand combat. A vicious battle just one day after Christmas.

Its the 28th and I have to imagine while we are busy talking about our in laws there still men cleaning German blood off their blades knowing there were much worse battles to come. I can’t get this off my mind so I thought I would bring it to you folks this morning. Below is the sonnet written by David Shulman  in 1936 by David Shulman


A hard, howling, tossing water scene.
Strong tide was washing hero clean.
“How cold!” Weather stings as in anger.
O Silent night shows war ace danger!

The cold waters swashing on in rage.
Redcoats warn slow his hint engage.
When star general’s action wish’d “Go!”
He saw his ragged continentals row.

Ah, he stands – sailor crew went going.
And so this general watches rowing.
He hastens – winter again grows cold.
A wet crew gain Hessian stronghold.

George can’t lose war with’s hands in;
He’s astern – so go alight, crew, and win

Why I wear the cross

In this most holy time of the year it’s easy for people on the fence to become overwhelmed or disenchanted with religion altogether. It doesn’t help that one of the most prominent religions in the world is linked with some of the vilest acts of our lifetime. Still, for many of us who don’t frequent the pews or read from a holy book each week it is undeniable the power and the presence of God.

A very interesting question though. Why do you where the cross? Cuz the bible says so. Well I hope that’s not the only reason. We will discuss this on the show this week.

The population draws closer to God this time of year than any other. I’d rather not talk about those devout worshippers who have their faith set in stone. For them this time of year is but another reaffirmation of what they know to be true.

Let’s talk about the man who knows God and understands he has been blessed but has some questions. He has faith but he has cynicism, too. To him the bible reads with great meaning in parts and in others it’s just too much to believe. The over the top believer makes him uncomfortable and bends him more to doubt than faith. Who knows where this guy ends up but this time of year he too draws close to God be it human nature or true destiny.

I wear a cross but I am one of the men described above. I have my questions but I have my faith as well. God has blessed me with so much in my short life. Though I can’t help but wonder how much of what man says is God’s word. These are struggles many have and I want to talk about it this week on I AM Liberty.


For me it starts and ends with faith. You can pull science into it and scoff at the bible if you’d like. For me though it’s all about faith. The number one reason I wear the cross around my neck is the faith I have in God and what he has done for me. I have been ruined and reborn. I have been imprisoned and set free. Opportunities have been laid at my feet like no one else I know and it’s got nothing to do with me. The cross is a constant reminder of that.

My Relationship

Three years ago when my son was born I bought the first cross I ever owned. I bought a beautiful one for my wife as well. Before Carter was born we were married and battling through life day by day. It was important to my wife and I that God become a bigger part of our life. This is just another tie that binds us.

The Power

“I can do all things through Christ he who strengthens me.” There is a reason that Corinthians quote is written across the chest of Jon “Bones” Jones. He is one of the baddest men on the planet, light heavyweight champion in the UFC. When I am broken and beaten down by life I grab the cross and it’s like a video game power up.

It Looks so Good!

I am a flawed human just like you and everyone else. Vanity, vanity all is vanity! I work out, I work hard and I eat right. White t shirt, nice jeans and boots gotta be one of the best outfits through the cross on top of it and it sets things to a whole ‘nother level. You might think it blasphemous but I am just being honest with you on this one!

My Enemies

I am so sick of radical Islam and their atrocities. If this world is ever thrust into a “convert or kill” war I want these beasts to know, without a doubt, where I stand.


Don’t miss I AM Liberty Friday 9EST Live on It will be a night about the old and new testament. I will do some reading and explain what draws me closest to God. Sure there will be news but the show will be about God the relationship with his people.

This week’s show I have some questions for the audience as well.

  • Why do you wear the cross?
  • If you are Christian what is your roll in this Muslim takeover in the world

All I Want for Christmas are REVIEWS, REVIEWS, REVIEWS!!

A message to the I AM Liberty Faithful:

The holidays are upon us and I feel very good about the writing, entertainment, interviews and commentary I have provided you in the year 2014. In fact, I feel like I AM Liberty has reached a whole new level of quality. Largely impart to the demand you have created.

As your loyal host I have but one Christmas wish. Spread the word. We have great things on the way. I have a fracking chemist lined up for early 2015 to give us honest opinions on this controversial technology. In just a week we have a brilliant bjj tactician Tori “fireball” Applegate who placed second in Gracie Worlds which is a huge Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition.

We have just landed on itunes and we need downloads and reviews! Review, Review Review. That is my only request for Christmas this year. You all have heard the show. Now let the world know about it. Link is below. Thanks so much for everything.


Also dont forget about Our World: Recovered Journals. The new book! You’ve paid for it and read it. I thank you. Your dollars went towards making my sons trip to Disney a magical one. Please review the book as well. Make my Christmas wish come true! Review, Review, Review

Our World: Recovered Journals



Dont Miss Fridays Live Show on Setting Goals in 2015

The earth is coming up on its final rotations around the sun for 2014. How was your year? Did you achieve some great things? I am sure you had some hardships. Or was 2014 littered with chaos and failure. Did it seem like the whole world was against you? What if I told you the only things working against you was you? Would you be mad at me? If you aren’t setting goals than it might be true.

Nothing in this world stands still. You know that buy now I am sure. We are creatures of constant movement of auto refresh. Think of your life the same way. If you are not moving forward you are being moved backward. It’s the facts. Make 2015 a year to remember and not only for the trials that it presented.

Tonight we are going to talk about setting goals for 2015. I will talk about some of my own that are personal as well as goals for the I AM Liberty Show. We will explore some tips on setting goals and following through on them. How do you track your goals? Most importantly how do you go from a one night stand goal setter to committed one. That right there is a great analogy. Hahaha.

2015 will be a big year for the show and beyond great goals we have some great upcoming guests to talk about as well.

Of course the world is burning. Protests and war and commodity prices dipping the new Nazis are on the march through the Middle East. What does it all mean? Who knows? We will talk about it though. Its I AM Liberty the podcast that is Rerooting America. So don’t miss another swollen hour or I will have you water boarded by Al Gore and all of your 100 watt light bulbs confiscated. You wreckless criminals!


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