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Aggregating Liberty 4/14/16

Aggregating Liberty

Aggregating Liberty

Aggregating Liberty 2/4/15

Another Dangerous Fool on Gun Banning

Here is another fool who knows more about your second amendment than you. Another wacko who knows more about your right to bear arms than you. Yes. Another naive fool who believes guns can just disappear.

A bit about the author from her own site.

Phoebe Maltz Bovy is a writer based in Princeton, New Jersey. She holds a doctorate in French and French Studies from New York University.

I know Phoebe Shmaltz is a fool in the two opening sentences of her article

Ban guns. All guns. Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets, and, as much as possible, on police.

I just can’t imagine the type of world in which you must reside where you subscribe to such naivety. We have been attempting to get guns off the streets for how many decades? There are more guns than ever. Our rap heroes and cultural icons have verses about murdering with high powered AK 47s.

Still Miss Shmaltz continues…

Then there is the privilege argument. If you grew up somewhere in America where gun culture wasn’t a thing (as is my situation; I’m an American living in Canada), or even just in a family that would have never considered gun ownership, you’ll probably be accused of looking down your nose at gun culture. As if gun ownership were simply a cultural tradition to be respected, and not, you know, about owning guns. Guns… I mean, must it really be spelled out what’s different? It’s absurd to reduce an anti-gun position to a snooty aesthetic preference.

She talks about a ban and speaks to the idea that we must also confiscate guns from current owners and no one should be exempt. To that I say

There are 270 million registered guns in America. How many unregistered? 89 million registered gun owners. This embarrassing government has been working to address 10 million illegal immigrants for over a decade. They have failed so miserably that the guy from the apprentice is running away with the next election.

How in the hell would they ever root out all the guns? Miss Shmaltz? The answer is they wouldn’t. Criminals would still have guns and smart Americans would have unregistered firearms. This would create even more of a problem.

It’s not about dividing society into “good” and “bad” gun owners. It’s about placing gun ownership itself in the “bad” category.

This line really speaks to the fundamental problem. There is nothing “bad’ about gun ownership. There are no “good” or “bad” guns. Because of ignorance to the fact that a gun can be bought, stored, shot, cleaned and stored again safely and without anyone getting killed (not to mention this happens daily all over the country) this knee jerk reaction of BAN is what comes of it. Uninformed frantic solutions spat out over a non-dairy, Sumatran, fair traded frappuccino and an ipad.

Have bans ever really worked? Guns, coke, pot, heroine, porn, meth, alcohol, MURDER……

More to the point: Does the fact that someone opposes gun control demonstrate that they’re culturally sensitive to the concerns of small-town whites, as well as deeply committed to fighting police brutality against blacks nationwide? I’m going to go with no and no on these.

This article comes to a stuttering end slowly and painfully like a 1970 AMC Gremlin but not before a sweeping statement like the one above. A broad brush stroke that paints you and I as apparent racists because……guns…..and culturally insensitive because……..assault weapons?

Bravo Miss. Shmultz

Our World: Recovered Journals Audio Book Out TODAY!!!!

Today is the DAY! Our World has evolved again and I want you to be apart of it. Check it out at audible, ITunes or the link below. Also please review!

Written in the form of a case study, the audiobook is collection of journals studied by a man named J. Singfire. His anthropological study is on a period of time in America known as the Dark Decades (2019-2041), in which the country all but disintegrated.

There are four journals belonging to a diverse group that lived through the early days of the aforementioned period. Sharon Kimball is an IT professional living in Phoenix who comes face to face with a human trafficking ring. Kurtis O’Leary, a father who lost so much in the early days of this time period, is struggling to keep Connor, his son, alive. Gilbert Hernandez is a criminal, plain and simple. Fighting for food and money keeps him from mugging and hurting people. Terrance Howard is the prepper. Deep inside a bunker with his family, Terrance reflects on the days leading up to this terrifying time, that is, until a group of marauders gets a whiff of his location

Our World Available Wednesday April 22nd audible, itunes!

Thanks to Mark at and the talents of Kelly Rhodes Our World: Recovered Journals will take on a whole new life on Wednesday April 22nd. It will be available on Audible and Itunes as well as here at I AM Liberty headquarters.

The audio book is really how this diary style fiction should be enjoyed. You will be swallowed up by each characters plight when you here it in audio. I am very happy with it and hope you spend the $6.95 admission fee to enter Our World. It runs just over 2 hours and will be ideal for your trip to the beach or vacation.

As always thanks for the downloads, support and open mind towards all things I AM Liberty.


4 Years Later I Test My Survival Seeds

For as calculated as preparedness can be there are a lot of products on the market that require quite a bit of faith. Products that, for many of us, should read DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE APOCALYPSE. For busy Americans it’s very rare that we get a chance to test all of our plans and items. Sure, we should but we don’t. Therefore some items are great mysteries to me.

The can and the superpail in food storage, unless rotated into your weekly menus, can be one of these instances. You can look at it, shake it, smell it better but until you open it there is a lot of faith involved. If you crack that container and find that a big chunk of what was supposed to get you through is either infested or spoiled it could be your own personal SHTF scenario.

So knowing that I as even more curious about another product I store.



16 non hybrid hermetically sealed gridlocked packets

By Mountain Valley Seeds INC.

Salt Lake City, Utah


This were given to me as a gift from my wonderful Mother in law who understands the dangers of the world both national and personal. It never hurts to have backup. I think she purchased them through Emergency Essentials.


The variety inside is as follows


















Still, a lot of faith for something like this. It’s an absolute nuclear bomb in terms of preparedness power. It gives young you 16 different vegetables in large quantities. It also comes with a manual for caring for these plants and most importantly techniques for harvesting their seeds.


It sat under temperature control for about four years and I decided it was time to crack this can and see if these seeds would perform outside of cryostasis.

Its been about a month now and the seeds have performed as though they were purchased this year. I have food in my garden that is on the way to maturity. Had this been a much more severe situation my family would be fed because of this prep. Yet had it failed things could’ve gotten ugly.


No matter how prepared you are there are several pieces of your plan that require faith. Pieces that could go awry. This is a great product that was tested for just that. It made a claim and stood up to that claim. I recommend it and will be buying another.



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