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Liberty Apparel

Liberty Apparel is your link to all the best t shirts, hoodies, tank tops and other gear to celebrate your love for Liberty! Keep checking back for new designs! Below are our graphics. Just follow the link to see what they look like on all the different items.

Tees start at $14 bucks!


Our Racing Tee!



The new mantra that says it all!



Appalachian Trail Virtual Race

Can you cover 71 miles in 30 Days?

Follow the link above to sign up today. Once we get our first 10 racers the our virtual race will begin and we can start running. You will have 30 days to run 71 miles so get started early. Signup is very simple and took me about 5 minutes to complete. All you need is an email and no I wont spam you on it.


Each time you complete a run you will log your miles on the race page. This will cause your little emblem to go on its journey towards the goal. The above is a picture of our race and you will see the same thing after signup. The only difference will be all of our racers will be on this trail as well.


Run in style with these beautiful AT Virtual Race Tee’s designed by yours truly. They are only $14 and look awesome on the charcoal colored tee. Send me a pic in your race tee and I will share it on social media.

Listen, I am not going to take it easy on you now. You made through the bug out challenge its only gonna get harder from here on out. Do you have what it takes?



I AM Liberty Show Survive The BUGOUT Challenge



It’s a Friday 8:00pm the night is quiet and your family is settled after eating a great meal. Suddenly an emergency alert comes across your phone. The news is severe. The threat is imminent and your only option is to BUGOUT!

The I AM Liberty Survive the Bugout Challenge is an opportunity to come face to face with a survival scenario and see how your plan and your bugout bag measures up?


On Friday September 2nd around 8pm you will receive an email that will detail the imminent and dangerous scenario you are in. There will be several scenarios emailed to contestants that night. Your first challenge that night will be to get away from danger or to Bugout. The email will tell you just how far away you must go to be safe. Some scenarios will require a further distance than others.

Upon arrival to the bug out location of your choosing your first task will be setting up a base camp staying overnight.

Once you wake up you will be tasked with several challenges based on the scenario.


EXAMPLE: You are running from a pandemic set up a small but effective area for quarantine.
These unique challenges will be tailored to your scenario and you will only have those resources around you and those items in your bugout bag. Accomplishing the tasks listed and providing pictures or writing that describes your solution will be how the winner is chosen. I understand if OPSEC is an issue for you and pictures are not an option. Be creative and offer your solutions in written format. We are just looking to have fun here and challenge ourselves.

You will be provided with a submission form that can be emailed back to once you have completed all your tasks. Once I receive all of the entries I will pick one winner.

  • Completion of Tasks
  • Preparedness Knowledge
  • Ability to Adapt and Overcome
  • Creativity

These will be the three criteria that will peak my interest.


I AM Liberty LIVE Wednesday?

BIG NEWS! I AM Liberty will be moving from its normal time of FRIDAY 9pm EST on to a new WEDNESDAY time slot. The show will still be live only on WEDNESDAY 9pm EST at It will also mark the launch of our first ever SURVIVE THE BUGOUT CHALLENGE happening this September….if you have what it takes.


!Aggregating Liberty!

I AM Liberty Show: AIPAC, The END and Virtual Reality

AIPAC has decided the election already. Whether you know it or not.

When does I AM Liberty come to an end. Will you be around to see it?

I jumped into the VR world this week for the first time. It was very cool for about 60 seconds and then I became more afraid than I have been in a while. I will explain.

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