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On the I Am Liberty show we talk about tons of things. The issues of the day, the future and the past. We talk about families and friendships. One thing I dont talk about enough is the power, security and necessity of having a great dog. Today 7 years ago my dog Baxter was born and he has been a driving force in my life ever since.


There is no other animal made for man the way a great dog is. You cant pay someone enough to have them vested in your safety, security and well being the way a dog so naturally does. They are amazing. I say necessary because I think they are some of the greatest teachers on the planet and there are lessons you simply will never learn without them around. Appreciation, loyalty, their incredible talent at consoling and listening and most imporant the ability to forgive.

“A dog is not ‘almost human’, and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such”.

–dog quote by — John Holmes

I could go on for pages about how Baxter changed my life, strengthened my relationship with my wife and even got me in better shape. Maybe talk about his tenacity and his love for people. I could speak on his breed and how I will never look at a pit bull the same. How he was supposed to be a puggle but wound up so much better. He has been a fishing buddy, workout partner and even at times a life coach to me.

Happy Birthday BAXMAN, many happy returns

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