Can you Be Free Without Me?

Can you Be Free Without Me?

January 26, 2018 news 0

A nation born from the blasphemous act of rebelling against a “God GIVEN KING,” America is a nation of division, speculation, discourse and competition. It seems this desire to rebel and to fight the powers that be is part of our DNA. For years I thought it would be our end until I realized it was something that hadn’t gone away. Then I started to wonder if it should.

What do we gain from a nation where everyone gets along, everyone agrees, and everyone is happy?

Between Black Lives Matter, the Tea Party, Women’s Marches and the like, the American thirst for freedom and rebellion has yet to be quenched. Regarding freedom, its cost and what we are as Americans, I have come to consider the fact that we will always be “fighting” for more. Perhaps it is in our blood, it is no doubt in our culture and in many ways this rebellious, leery eyed programing is what keeps us free.

We haven’t agreed on much since the constitution and even that took more than a decade to get off the ground!

In all, 70 delegates were appointed to the Constitutional Convention, but out of that 70 only 55 attended, and only 39 actually signed. Some simply refused, others got sick, still others left early. One of the most famous reasons for why certain delegates didn’t sign was that the document lacked a legitimate Bill of Rights which would protect the rights of States and the freedom of individuals. Three main advocates of this movement were George Mason, Elbridge Gerry, and Edmund Randolph.

It’s a strange thing to write, though its been fluttering around in my head for a long time, but comfort and accord breeds slaves of the new age. It’s a strange reality but reality it is. We must remain vigilant and I think that means keeping the pride of our heritage.
The funny thing about American heritage is that it fits with all groups. The struggle to get here, stay here, get free and make our own way transcends demographics. Whether your ancestors arrived by boat, plane or on foot.

Rebellion fits. It fits the true struggle of blacks during slavery and beyond. It fits the battle against the BLM that some westerners face today. It fits the narrative of the patriot and even the illegal alien who has snuck into this nation to make their way just under the radar.

While we cannot all relate to great speeches by presidents of the past. While some of our ancestors were in shackles. We can relate to the fact that America is rebellion. We gifted ourselves with the first amendment to assure rebellion could stirred and then the second to assure it could be carried out.

My question to you is:

Can we truly be free without one another?

Some people will find total liberation through solitude but for most of us, we relish our social interactions. Can we be American and love thy neighbor? In my latest book Come Unity; Community I have found the common ground we can all stand on.

We should never agree on all things. That is despotism. But, there is no rule saying I should be a part of your whiskey rebellion or you part of mine. That doesn’t make us enemies. The idea that you must choose a side and you must fight, right now, for the sake of the future is bullshit. That’s media puke trying to sell ads. We have survived much worse and we have been fighting and arguing over issues since the inception.

What good is our future if we arrive there at each other’s throats?


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