Black Friday, local biz Saturday and Cyber Monday use them wisely

Black Friday, local biz Saturday and Cyber Monday use them wisely

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When I open the mailbox to my podcast, I AM Liberty, there is never a single topic that resounds greater than┬á ‘I wanna start to prepare but I gots no monies.’ With a bit of light research and self control you can really use these next few.days, black Friday, local biz Saturday and cyber Monday, to get started.

Of course the first step is your decision making. Do you have it to forgo the new superman DVD or the latest consoles? Do you need more stuff in your life? Your family will ,most likely, be shopping at some point this weekend. Now is the time to direct them on your wish list. No one knows what to get you and your probably the tough one to shop for. Make it easy by putting together your preparedness wishlist together for them.

silver is offering free shipping and low prices on black friday. In some cases you can get as low as .99 cents over spot. My favorite shop, Silvertowne, is offering free shipping till November 30th. Tell your aunt you like the pretty pictures on the coins, that’s all.


Emergency Essentials is offering great deals all weekend long as well as great deals on food, bulk storage and even solar power deals. Some preparedness sights might be strange spots for your relatives to venture but for the most part they aren’t think that deep into it. Your a name on a list and the goal is to cross it off.


Finally, buy a newspaper. There are tons of deals at retailers across the nation that could really help you out. Don’t bother with the Best Buy catalog. I found a 2000 watt generator from a tractor supply company. At Dick’s sporting goods all ammo is 25% of on Friday! Guns are cheap everywhere and available! Kids rifles for $100! Wondering how to get little Jimmy on your side of the preparedness fence? Get him his very own S&W and teach him how to use it.

Dont forget canned goods at grocery stores!


If you must spend some money on entertainment be sure to buy my new book THE MEN WHO BUILT THE END available right next to this article. $5.00 on Kindle and $8 for a hard copy with the beautiful artwork on the cover. Yes. Absolutely shameless plug and while I’m at it dont miss I AM Liberty on the prepper podcast radio network and live every Friday on

Bottom line, you can use the holidays to your advantage. Forget about the PS4 if your strapped use this opportunity to either lay a base or bolster your plan. It’s really up to how comfortable you are with asking for some “strange” gifts and putting to rest the desire for less than useful, shiny things.

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