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It’s ugly, its tough, its necessary: prepper fitness

Understand that there is no substitute for your own health. I know folks who are dependent on meds to get through the day. That is frightening. Fortunately you can take matters into your own hands. By starting your own simple, FREE prepper fitness program. There is one email I get more often than any. ‘ I…
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April 15, 2013 0

Our World XXX

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World. Kurtis O’Leary We are…
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April 12, 2013 0

Urban Hens and the victory on tonight’s show

After nearly two years of deliberation we have won the battle for keeping of urban hens. Find out how we did it and how your city can take that step closer to food independence tonight on I Am Liberty 9 et Friday night we have Michael from the economic collapse blog on to talk…
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April 11, 2013 0

DE Congressmans Stance on Gun Control

It seems, in my estimation, that across the nation the members of congress are sold on taking full advantage of the recent tragedies of gun violence. I can’t talk about it or make points about it any more. Just know that life is hard, without guidance and advice or outlets for creative energy the children are prone to great challenges, especially mentally. Now add…
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April 10, 2013 0

Let the sheep eat the grass!

Listen to I am l liberty tonight on I will elaborate

April 5, 2013 0