Assad’s son and a government restructuring

Assad’s son and a government restructuring

August 30, 2013 Uncategorized 0

As I told you I wouldnt be writing many article as I have focused a lot of my energy out into getting this book done and having it ready so you all can buy it for your children for Christmas. Just kidding, dont let your children read the book. Its a little bit too much reality for the young minds.

I dont really know how to make this not sound like a repeat of every other talking point, Syria article you have read so far. Did you ever have a friend in a bad relationship? Totally destructive and completely wrong for both parties. Yet, that friend continued to go back to the fire and get burned time and time again. Ya know the first few times you are justified in thinking, “man that girl he is with is such a whore why does he keep going back to her? ” The fact is that after a while you have to recognize that your friend is the idiot.

I guess thats where I am with Americans. We bitch and moan daily about this government. I have been listening generations of Americans blame the government for taxes and war and drugs and starvation. When do we realize that we are in fact the idiots for letting it go on?

Below is some writing done supposedly by the 11 year old son of Assad. I dont know who really wrote it, dont care. I want you to read it. Thats all



My father told me about no win wars when I was 12 years old. He read about them in the 70’s. These things happen because the American Government had been bought and paid for. We need a new system of government with more parties involved as opposed to our two party special interests. We as people also have to realize nothing that happens in Washington has our best interest in mind.

The parties have chosen to, instead of working towards the interests of the people, allow the opposite side to fall further off the cliff so that come the next election they can point the finger.  Meanwhile the world hates us, we hate each other and America is a self destructive environment where the races fight, religions fight and sexes fight. We need leaders.

Bottom line. Sure government is corrupt. SO what! Lets put our heads together and figure out if we need to rework it altogether. This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That means if the people see it fit for a change in composition than it shall be done. If not, than I might have to start writing articles about other more serious things. Too much at stake.


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