APN Published Article

APN Published Article

April 19, 2013 Uncategorized 0

Two years ago I stumbled upon a great resource. One that really helped get me to this point. American Preppers Network is the premier website for all things disaster preparedness. Today they published one of my articles. Happy? Very. Read it!

Retro-spec and Forethought at American Preppers Radio


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  1. I read your article and can’t find much fault in your reasoning. Assuming we continue to sit with the other frogs as this pot we are in slowly warms up, I cannot imagine a scenario where the tax man doesn’t win. There are a few alternate paths though that could result in a sudden suspension of our critical services for an extended time. Events not contained and controlled by our handlers, but rather by those in the world that live and are driven by hate and envy – fueled by their own version of history, religion and fear.

    Our infrastructure is very delicate and our security lies more in our diminishing reputation than in our actual abilty to deliver on the hollow threats of retaliation. Gone are the days of actually having a “big stick” we are willing to carry! Appeasement has replaced the bravery and commitment we once had. We have demonstrated time and time again that we are weak in spirit and willing to compromise our principles. Our very founding documents – the only difference between US and the rest are being assaulted daily as our citizens give up liberty for the hollow promise of safety.

    Yes, I can see a dozen ways that a small group dedicated on our distraction could send us back to the 1800’s and therefore, I prepare. I prepare and I mourn.

    • iamliberty says:

      Well said Edward. Listen to the show. Please. My theory is that we need to take a step back. We have grown to fast and we need to step back. Get back to growing our own food, bolstering our local economy, Mentoring the youth from broken homes, moving towards energy independence, developing some level of comfort in trade within the community and getting hands on real tangible wealth like metals and gems. Most of these things are simple. Most of them are tax free and the best part Edward they straddle a boundary that people from many walks of life can appreciate. If you bring the reroot movement to the table you wont look like an eco nut you wont look like a prepper you wont look liberal or conservative. You will look like an American who wants to help his community and we need more of those in this country

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