5 ways to get survival strength without a gym

5 ways to get survival strength without a gym

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There is something uniquely terrifying about crossing the threshold of a gym. The thought of bigger, stronger and more beautiful people than you questioning your presence at “their gym.” All of the new machines and technology you are clueless about. It’s enough to make you quit before you even start.

Though some of this is true the gym can be a wonderful experience but for those of you who don’t want that in your life there are options. I hope this article will help you get fit in 2014.

The question is: How do I get savage, survival strength without a gym?


The kettlebell or girya (Russian: ги́ря) is a cast-iron weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.[1] It is also the main equipment used in the weight lifting sport of girevoy sport. Russian kettlebells are traditionally measured in weight by pood, which (rounded to metric units) is defined as 16 kilograms (35 lb).[2][3] Even in American gyms kettlebells will often be referred to in the weight system of poods.

These incredible tools for fitness were introduced to me about 2 years ago and frankly you will never get a better workout with one piece of equipment than a kettle bell. Also keep it light and keep it simple. You might even want to consider a lesson or two on how to use them. Simply put dont go overboard thinking you are stronger than you are. I use a 38- or a 25lb nothing higher.

Click the Onnit banner next to this article to take a look at their selection of kettlebells I love the Primal Bells but you might prefer the Zombie Bells or the traditional.

Here is a great, simple kettlebell cardio workout that I do often-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAuSQEYs4ws


A great tool for increasing the effectiveness of calisthenics. These weighted balls come from 2lbs to over 20lbs. Slam them on the ground, throw them in the air.

The medicine ball really shines with a partner so if you have some friends that want to workout together or perhaps a spouse you can find some great partner workouts using the medicine ball.

There are some great workouts to be done with medicine balls. Check them out!


Don’t discount the functional strength and the cardio vascular upgrades for your body in spending some time wailing on the heavy bag. I couldn’t live without one. 3 minute rounds or 5. Its a mad mad mad mad world and we all should be able to defend ourselves. Take the time to learn how to hit the heavy bag properly. Wrap your hands and warm up your shoulders. I do either 5 5minute rounds of all out war (punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc.) or 10-12 3 minute rounds of boxing


Krav Maga, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Boxing, it’s all an incredible workout and really gets you away from the elliptical and the bicep curl. If you have the money and desire to train in combat sports I highly recommend it. It’s also a great measure of yourself. When someone has their arm around your neck choking you and you can’t fight them off its about the most real situation you can be in. When you realize you have to tap to survive it is very humbling.


The most important thing no matter what fitness path you choose to take. Eat clean. Enjoy great fresh locally grown foods as much as possible. It is this mindset that will push you to begin producing more of your own food.

Your body will be broken down after a workout put in great fuel when you are hurting the day after.

Eat healthy lean protiens after workouts and don’t be afraid to supplement with healthy, high quality, natural supplements like those available on my website by Onnit.




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