5 Days till the Release!!

5 Days till the Release!!

October 29, 2013 Uncategorized 0

In just 5 more days THE MEN WHO BUILT THE END will be available. Even better it will be free! November 4th, 5th and 6th. Be sure to go to Amazon and scoop it up for free on those three days. Just leave me a nice review and I will be ever grateful.

“Tomorrow America dies!” An exclusive five man team has been assembled to assure America’s demise. Assembled by a man named Robert Schael these brilliant minds are experts in the fields of epidemiology, information technology, oil speculation and agriculture. Their plan to attack sensitive infrastructure will devastate the population allowing for a reset of what is believed to be a malignant populace that is eating this great nation alive.

Marshon Battle is one of these five elite men, chosen for his skills in crowd control and military training. His role in America’s end is to contain and control the crowds of desperate citizens in the wake of the team’s efforts. A catastrophe involving his son moments before the gears of their plan begin to turn forces him to reconsider his position against America.

Now he is trapped between his own conscience and some of the most powerful shadow forces in society. To abandon the group would mean certain death. Disappearing would also severe the only link he has to outwitting these genius men before they do irreparable damage to the nation and its citizens.

High in the mountains of the Shenandoah lives a man named Veritas. He’s been planning for this day most of his life, the day when man’s freedom would be tested either by foreign power or domestic. Veritas is the remnants of a dissolved man who stepped away from another existence to become the voice of the militia. As the country falls his men will rise but can they stand up to this great force?

The ruthless mission cannot be stopped the pieces are in motion. Marshon must use his ability and connections to stay on the inside. Can he hold his false position long enough to strike or will he be called to duty and forced to kill innocent citizens? Has his epiphany come too late or was it simply his destiny to be one of the men who built the end?

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