4 Years Later I Test My Survival Seeds

4 Years Later I Test My Survival Seeds

April 19, 2015 news 9

For as calculated as preparedness can be there are a lot of products on the market that require quite a bit of faith. Products that, for many of us, should read DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE APOCALYPSE. For busy Americans it’s very rare that we get a chance to test all of our plans and items. Sure, we should but we don’t. Therefore some items are great mysteries to me.

The can and the superpail in food storage, unless rotated into your weekly menus, can be one of these instances. You can look at it, shake it, smell it better but until you open it there is a lot of faith involved. If you crack that container and find that a big chunk of what was supposed to get you through is either infested or spoiled it could be your own personal SHTF scenario.

So knowing that I as even more curious about another product I store.



16 non hybrid hermetically sealed gridlocked packets

By Mountain Valley Seeds INC.

Salt Lake City, Utah


This were given to me as a gift from my wonderful Mother in law who understands the dangers of the world both national and personal. It never hurts to have backup. I think she purchased them through Emergency Essentials.


The variety inside is as follows


















Still, a lot of faith for something like this. It’s an absolute nuclear bomb in terms of preparedness power. It gives young you 16 different vegetables in large quantities. It also comes with a manual for caring for these plants and most importantly techniques for harvesting their seeds.


It sat under temperature control for about four years and I decided it was time to crack this can and see if these seeds would perform outside of cryostasis.

Its been about a month now and the seeds have performed as though they were purchased this year. I have food in my garden that is on the way to maturity. Had this been a much more severe situation my family would be fed because of this prep. Yet had it failed things could’ve gotten ugly.


No matter how prepared you are there are several pieces of your plan that require faith. Pieces that could go awry. This is a great product that was tested for just that. It made a claim and stood up to that claim. I recommend it and will be buying another.




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  1. Sandra says:

    We purchased seed canisters from Off the Grid and have found them to be less than satisfactory. The first year, none of the tomato plants produced even one tomato-not even the plants we gave to a friend (so it wasn’t something we did incorrectly-she seems to be able to grow anything). This year, many of the seeds just did not sprout. The canisters were kept in the freezer or refrigerator for the entire time we’ve had them. This experience has made us hesitant to buy any other similar seed packages. Glad you had good luck with yours.

  2. PJ says:

    I have a friend who reported similar subpar performances with various “survival seed” company products…he conducted tests with survival seeds and….

    Hybrid Seeds – 95% sprout

    Local Heirloom – 90% sprout

    Survival Packs – 25 to 35% sprout

    Awful performance at best. Caveat Emptor

  3. Me says:

    Success will be determined by how well the seeds were prepared for storage. how long they sat in storage, and at what temperature they were stored before and after you received them from the supplier. Unfortunately with the boom in Prepping, there are companies out there that would sacrifice quality to get in on the profit to be had.
    If a quality seed was used, They were packaged with the ideal moisture content. They were hermetically sealed in an inert gas, like nitrogen. Then they were put in a another container like the can in the picture at the top of this article, this acts as an extra buffer against temperature fluctuation. Then they were stored at a cool, steady temperature, temperature fluctuations are not good. Then the seeds should last. There will be an increasing non-germination rate every year, but even at a 40% germination rate after five years, this should be acceptable for a prepper, just buy enough to cover your needs keeping this in mind.
    Even if you grow a garden and harvest seeds every year, it is a good idea to have a supply of stored seeds. You never know if the S will HTF right after your garden is wiped out from bad weather. Maybe the situation will prevent you from having a garden for two years, and you will have to survive off of food storage and hunting. At least you will have a supply of seeds stored for when you can garden again.

    • iamlibertys says:

      That is why this product was so successful. Quality is of course the number one factory when you are talking about all of your gear and food. I mean thats kind of why I balk at discount survival kits. Top Pack Gear makes a BOB that actually costs what it should. I dont want a survival kit for 39.99 thats just too cheap to sit my life on.

  4. Travis Riley says:

    I would think the real test would be germination percentage. After that, if they produce or not involves a lot of variables, gardening skills being formost. I think I will try some I have stored. I save seed from year to year. When the SHTF I want to plant what I know how to grow with the highest yields and highest disease resistance available. It will not be the time to “try something new” if you have a lot of mouths to feed.

    • iamlibertys says:

      great point! I think I its worth doing a number 2 of this article once I harvest seed and plant them next year. That of course is the next test for one of these cans. Will they harvested seeds produce for years to come. I mean thats what we are all depending on. I planted in primarily compost and some top soil as well as some humus harvest in my woods.

  5. Mrs. Cog says:

    Excellent! I have the same seeds (mine are 5 years old) from the same vender in cold storage. Thanks so much for testing yours and sharing the results. 🙂

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