4 ways to get in shape and prepared at the same time!

4 ways to get in shape and prepared at the same time!

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We work, we raise kids, we have our hobbies, families, vices and problems. There is less and less time at the end of the day and it is preparedness that tends to fill that time. It’s this struggle against time that often keeps us from preparing our bodies.

Somehow we have come to a point in our evolutionary path where those things around us take precedent over the body itself. Fill the shelves, clean the guns, prep the gardens, check the rain barrels, organize the first aid kit and do so with an unhealthy out of shape body.

There are so many skills to learn. There is so much to read and even more to do. For a person pushing towards self-reliance there is simply not enough daylight. Whether its mastering bushcraft or improving your shot all of this takes precious time.

What if I told you there were a way to combine your fitness goals with your preparedness efforts?

Run The Woods

To me there is nothing important than staying power, endurance. Cardio they call it now. It’s so important that you keep this attribute up because it is the quickest one to fizzle out. Strength lasts for some time but I can feel my endurance wane in a weeks time.

The problem is who has time to run for 1/2 an hour or more a few times a week.

You have to find a heavily wooded area with running paths in near to you. The gains you will see just from the unpredictable terrain are incredible. Besides the physical it’s important that you take in your surroundings.

Want to learn your wild edibles?

Instead of running on a treadmill looking at and smelling your fellow club members you can take in incredible oxygen being belched out by every living thing that surrounds you meanwhile locating and learning your wild edibles. Watch animal behavior and even learn what types of trees are in your area. All on a run.

I studied the field guides and then took off for a few miles through the woods. You will find at least one new plant each run. It adds up.

Metal Detecting/Hike

As I write this article the price of gold is 1333.70 an ounce. Slap on your b.o.b get your hands on one of those mid range metal detectors and invest in your health and some precious metals.

I personally don’t do this but it is on my radar. I figure your high traffic parks and paths as well as sport courts would be some of the best areas. If you come home broke you will have at least made strides in your physical fitness.

Kettle Bell Survival Class

This is not the first time I have touted the incredibly effective kettle bell in an article. There is something to understand about the kettle bell. It can be a bit monotonous. Especially if you don’t have someone like Nadia pushing you to the point of near vomit.

The kettle bell workout is the perfect time to listen to your favorite prepper podcast ( I AM Liberty of course) as well as many other informative podcasts and online courses. Also a great time to watch some educational video. Some things like building shelters and woodworking have to be seen. Multi task. Just don’t throw the kettle bell through your TV by accident

Team Up With a Neighbor

I am not partial to the biking crowd but in my neighborhood there is a group of bikers that come through on a weekly basis. This is a great way to meet neighbors. Not to say riding a bike dressed up like a court jester is the only way to go but keep your neighbors in mind. They have the ability to become either your allies or your enemies.

Running Groups

Boot Camp Group

Hiking Group

Just a few alternative ideas.

You don’t have to disappear into a dank gym to get into shape. Try these combination tasks to ascend in mind and body.

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