solving 2013

solving 2013

December 31, 2012 Uncategorized 0

You know everyone is mocking the Mayan calendar hoax. Like so many things in our life if it doesn’t happen with a bang or wind up on the cover of Newsweek than it simply doesn’t matter. Though it did not rain down meteors or the world didn’t simply explode like it had been hit by a energy beam from the death star there could be much more to the moment than you think.

The largest tax hike in history will happen. This will effect more than your paycheck but we will go into that later. Both the UN and the US government are grabbing for guns and will undoubtedly pass something. States are taking steps as well. Though in my opinion they are the wrong ones. There are clearly more people in the country who believe someone should pay for them or for those who have been “dealt a bad hand.”

December 21, 2012 may have marked more than the end of a calendar. To me 2013 looks like it could be a new beginning. Either the beginning of an awakening where the country opens its eyes and takes decision making back into the hands of the people. Perhaps we will begin working together to solve problems instead of looking to Washington who have shown time and time again they are incapable. Or…it is simply the beginning of the end. An end to the same cycle we have seen in so many societies throughout history.

The worlds best mass murderers were the best at disarming the civilians. Now unlike most in my boat I don’t believe that our President is a mass murderer. I do believe he is a nieve man who thinks if we go peacefully into the night the rest of the ANIMALS in the world will follow suit. When they disarm us in 2013 it will not be Obama who lines us up in front of rifles but in 5 years when America is treading water with lead weights on its feet it will make for an easy target to any radical regime you feel like inserting. There is no shortage of people who hate us and want to simply kill Americans.

So we have talked taxes and guns. To many these are trivial topics that will be what they will. There is yet another cost waiting in the wing. One that will hit Americans hard maybe harder than a tax hike. Its food. Its farms. Its the Farm Bill. Buried under the flotsam of the fiscal cliff the expiration of this bill will raise the price of many things. It may have been extended but just for a year. We have to use the governments fake money to subsidize our own food supply. Why? Cuz we dont produce enough of our own. This will not be an option in the near future. In order to afford food you will have to produce at least 30% of what you eat. I would say in 5-7 years. The government simply cant keep feeding people and the worlds population is growing.

In 2013 I have decided to solve problems. I want to gather groups people relevant to the problem together and solve or at least lay ground work and carry out solutions to the many problems we are facing. I feel like there are plenty of people talking about what is wrong in the country and pointing fingers. Well I would like to point the finger at myself in 2013. I am a citizen and I have the ability to make a difference so I will. Maybe a little less EA Sports and a little less Walking Dead will increase my own personal productivity.

If you have a skill set and are interested in solving problems like hunger and self reliance, community building, mentoring along with a miraid of others contact me at:

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