3 Sources of Hidden Survival and Prepping Knowledge

3 Sources of Hidden Survival and Prepping Knowledge

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The I AM Liberty Show has become an archive of news and prepping topics. There are nearly 1000 shows at this point! That said, I simply don’t have the skills or the desire to cover everything in survival and preparedness throughout history.

Some nights, I just feel like talking about painting with watercolors…and I do!

Thankfully there are tons of other great writers and bloggers that offer up a plethora of survival and preparedness information on a regular basis. These passionate and informed podcasters and bloggers have built a community that is unlike any other. Great sites like:


These guys just have more focus than me. Hahah. That’s the truth.

Still, there is hidden knowledge that lurks out there on the shelves and in the internet archives. There is information on prepping in survival that does not see the light of day. These are little nuggets, little treasures.

In this article I want to offer up 3 Sources of Hidden Survival an Prepping Knowledge.

Old Hunting and Pioneering Texts

No one faced survival the way the pioneers did. You could say that our greatest exploration was into outer space but I think that pales in comparison to packing up your family and heading out west for the hope of gold or free land.

These brave souls faced a tremendous cold, disease, vicious native American tribes and a variety of wild life as well. Of course, there were other unscrupulous types along the trail that would look to do more harm than good. Many were lost along those trails and the pioneers had to carry heartache unimaginable as part of their burden

By reading the pioneers diaries at the link I have listed below you will gain a tremendous amount of appreciation for what they went through as well as some of the skills, remedies and tools they used to make due when all they had was the land to live off.

I have also linked to one of my favorite books of all time and that is the Hunting with the Bow and Arrow which follows Saxton Pope and Ishi, the last of the Yana tribe. There are long discussions about bow hunting, methods and even construction of a bows and arrows.

One section in particular I find myself always turning to is the section about creating a bowstring of chewed sinew and tendon!



Roosevelt Books

American Big Game, with George Bird Grinnell1893

Hunting in Many Lands, with George Bird Grinnell1895

Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter1905

Informational Products

With all of these methods there is a little hit and miss. Just like any great adventurer or treasure hunter you are bound to happen onto some duds.

Listen, I am a freelance writer in the survival niche. There are lots of people out there who are merely looking to make a buck off you. That is the God’s honest truth. There are just as many doing the right thing for the right reasons. You probably read and listen to most of the good guys already.

I want to push you towards 2 online products in particular that get my thumbs up on quality. Its not because I own them, its not because I know a guy who has bought them in the past, its because I wrote both of them for clients. Yes. I wrote and co wrote these two products. That is why I am confident that they will add value.

The first is The Lost Ways 

This is a tremendous guide to exactly what it sounds like, the lost ways of self reliance. I provided lots of content in this book including the self feeding fire and many of the recipes. I do own this book and I can tell you its a great addition to the hard copy survival library.

The second is called Critical 21 

Critical 21 is about the best 21 day plan for either starting up prepping or getting back on track in the prepping game. You will also get some bonus books with the program as well.

Check them out!


Studying Modern War

The nation was on fire over the Syrian missile strikes just a week ago. While the conversation is often based around Russia, Israel, rebels and America, the people of Syria are the real story. We are talking about a people who have been at war for nearly a decade! They have been caught in the crossfire of a war that the world seems more intent on fueling than ending.

Many Syrians have stayed put in their home towns and tried to carry on, our interviewees said, because they fear the dire living conditions in the refugee camps at home and abroad. Many can't afford to emigrate comfortably.

Syria is the current global survival scenario that you can learn from. I have read that people are even renting homes out to militants in order to make a buck. Syria is the total collapse we all worry about.

We watched a similar collapse take place 20 years ago in Bosnia. In fact, there was a similar political discourse and radical fringe like we are seeing come to be, right here, in the US. Don’t think it can happen here?

This great article by Selco who survived the Bosnian war will give you a look into what it takes to survive

Selco: Who Survives and Who Dies When the SHTF?

You can also learn from the events in Venezuela and even Palestine. These areas all feature desperate people making desperate decisions to survive. You will be nothing different if we see a collapse in this nation. That is just the harsh reality.


When it comes to knowledge on survival and prepping the beaten path aint bad. Its full of knowledge and passionate writers. You can simmer on articles about items to pack and things to store. There is no harm in that. Still, you have to go off trail sometimes and gain a new perspective.

Prepping is one of the most interesting journey’s if you do it right. Its much more than a bunker, a gas mask and some food storage.


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