3 Frequently Asked Questions About the AR-15 Pistol

3 Frequently Asked Questions About the AR-15 Pistol

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This is a sponsored post. Just a heads up. Its a great look at the AR pistol which is a great weapon to own and an even better one to build. So enjoy this one.

To those unfamiliar with the platform, an AR15 pistol can come across as an odd contraption in the world of pew. Looking more like something out of a video game it has the body and style of your typical AR15 just smaller.

Instead of a butt stock on which you can place your shoulder there is simply the buffer tube sticking out the back. Why anyone would make a pistol as such is beyond some people, but when they realize it is a blend between function and legality this little sucker makes a lot more sense. You see a gun is but a tool and for every job there exists its proper tool.

The AR-15 pistol is no exception, so let’s cover the 5 most frequently asked questions about this little friend of ours.

Is the AR-15 Pistol Legal?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely and then maybe. First of all, I’m shocked anyone would think we are in the business of peddling illegal products here.

Whether it is the AR-15 pistol, 80 percent lower or the 300 blackout upper we pride ourselves on being liberty loving law abiding Americans. It just so happens that we love the 2nd amendment too and in the age of restricting gun laws it takes a little creativity to stay legal.

That being said, whether or not an AR-15 pistol is legal is often subject to your state laws regarding the AR-15 itself. However, in state’s where you can legally buy an AR you can buy the pistol version so long as you understand the law.

First of all, don’t put a butt stock on it unless you plan to pony up and pay the money to register a short barrel rifle.

Same thing with a vertical foregrip. Hart to convince the ATF it is anything but a rifle when you make these modifications. Then keep the weapon off your shoulder and if your state laws allow you should be just fine.

This is not legal advice, just an explanation of the laws as we understand them.  So yes, in most cases this weapon is very legal and very fun to shoot.

Can You Build Your Own AR-15 Pistol?

Not only can you build your own AR-15 pistol, but we’d go so far as to say you SHOULD build your own AR-15 pistol. The bottom line is that if it is legal for you to own a firearm then it is legal for you to build a firearm that you intend to keep for yourself.

Whether it is an AR-15 pistol, 80% lower or 300 blackout upper we are firm believers in knowing how to build your own weapon. It is hard for gun grabbers to legislate your 2A rights away when you know how to build one from scratch.

Also, when completing an AR-15 pistol lower it is the same process as one would follow to finish an 80% lower for a rifle build. The exact same tools are needed and the same federal laws which allow us to build our own weapons apply.

The beauty if buying an 80% pistol lower is that until you complete the process the ATF has no choice but to consider it a big useless hunk of metal. Buy as many 80% lowers as you want and have them shipped directly to your house.  

All you need to complete the process is a quality jig kit and voila, you’ve got yourself a completed AR-15 pistol when you need it most.  

Why Do I Want an AR-15 Pistol?

Now that you understand the legalities of an AR-15 pistol let’s talk about the function. Namely, why would you want a quirky looking AR-15 pistol? First of all, because you can and no liberty loving individual can argue with that point.

Second, perhaps you feel comfortable with and want much of the same function of an AR but in something you can legally conceal carry. An AR-15 pistol is subject to the same concealed carry laws of your state.

The weapon fires the same 5.56 or .223 ammunition that you would fire from your long rifle AR. So there is the added benefit of having two weapon platforms and yet, the same ammunition. However, it is mostly because the life of the pew is a very personalized process.

There are a million internet forums with so called “experts” raging about what is best. However, I’ll take the position that no one knows what works for them better than themselves. If the AR-15 platform is what you are most comfortable with then a pistol version can do you right.

Its where legality and functionality meet in the world of pistols to give you that choice. For more information check out the rest of these Frequently Asked Questions regarding the AR-15 pistol.


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