Beat Sandy with Simple Planning

Beat Sandy with Simple Planning

October 27, 2012 Uncategorized 0

If you are reading this the shelves have been had. The generators are gone along with most of the tarp. The stores will be packed well through the weekend. If you haven’t prepared for what could be than you may feel helpless. This thing sort of  eased into reality. It even went well under my radar. When I first saw its track I thought for sure the cold front would just bump her out to see. Apparently I am not a weather man.

Dont be depressed there is still so much opportunity for getting prepared for this storm. Even if the store shelves are emptying. With a little planning you can create a situation that will be helpful to you and your family. It is easy for us to get frustrated because we don’t have all the bells and whistles that go along with being prepared. Maybe because we slept on the situation a little or because we just don’t have the money. Kill that frustration day and focus your energy on the next couple days.

Understand your weakness

Create a list of the various threats this storm could bring to your specific area. Live on a lake? Near tall tree? Plan for these things.

Outside Contact

Make sure you have someone who can contact you or come check on your family after the storm passes. Preferably someone who wont get trapped under their house either!


This is very important! If things do get hairy and  your family gets separated somehow make sure you have a place to meet and a secondary place in case one of them is underwater.

Safe Zone

In your home right now there is a spot that, according to your threat assessment, will suit you and your family for the long haul. Bring important items to that room and some entertainment. Be prepared to hang out for a while.


Fill the tubs!


If you dont have non perishable goods at home head out and get whats left. Dont rely on the fridge or the stove. High density foods like granola bars will keep you full until the power returns. Canned meats and bread as well.

Nurse Daddy

This goes for either parent but it just sounded funnier with daddy. You have power now. Get on the internet and learn some basic first aid. Trees fall in the wind. They dont care who they fall on. Learn to work with fractures and heavy bleeding. There is a good chance 911 may have a few things going on in the coming days.

Stay positive

Your attitude determines so much of how you feel and if you are the head of your household well it determines how they feel as well. We had a really bad storm one night in Philadelphia. I was maybe 8-9. We were all up my father, sister mother and myself at 3 am. It was scary. We thought for sure this summer boomer would turn into a twister it was just so violent. I will never forget my dad saying, ” well we dont have tornado insurance so if you hear the winds we are gonna have to burn this baby down,” he smiled non nonchalantly and sat back in his chair. Things got real calm after that.

Good luck and God bless everyone in this storms path.


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  1. Nate says:

    One of the things we do in Florida to prepare for hurricanes is to freeze jugs of water. We then move some of the jugs to the refrigerator if the power goes out. It will extend your food preservation for much longer. Just a tip. Hope this helps!

  2. iamliberty says:

    great idea. I am gonna do that right now.

  3. Nate says:

    Make sure you don’t overfill them! I’d hate for you to have them split open and then melt. Sorry for not saying that in the first post.

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