Month: August 2017

After the Horrific Charlottesville Nightmare Prepare in 5 Ways

I haven’t seen such weakness in a long time. The faces carrying the torches were among the saddest and most predicatble creatures I have seen in all of America. The same type that would bray about ISIS but they looked and acted no different. The nightmare of Charlottesville has forever changed America. Social media will…
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August 13, 2017 25

Are You Prepared to Survive a Venezuelan Style Collapse?

Another socialist paradise ruled by a charismatic leader, who was loved by Hollywood, has fallen.  It  goes to show you the great judgement of those we like to idolize in our nation. Sean Penn, most notably, was in love with Hugo Chavez. The leader who manipulated the prices of products and forced retailers to sell…
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August 6, 2017 2

Upgrade your EDC and Conquer the Family Day Trip

It is a time for day trips to the beach and fun at parks and with amusements. For many this is merely a day to not only throw caution to the wind but some would stand to bring even less on these trips. Many travel 10’s of miles with as little as they can carry…
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August 2, 2017 2