Month: November 2014

I AM Liberty Show: Ebola and Romanticism

Ebola talk and paintings from the Romanticism period

November 30, 2014 0

Interview on Prepper Recon with Mark Goodwin

Also check out his great new book THE DAYS OF NOAH Check out the interview HERE

November 23, 2014 0

I AM Liberty Show: Preparing for Love

What is love? When you envision this worst case world I am sure one of the last things on your mind is love. Its very tough to think about these things when your biggest concerns are eating, drinking, and surviving. Still, what are we without this emotion? A group of individuals waddling through a terrible…
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November 23, 2014 0

Tom Locke: Surviving Today XI

Every Thursday here at stay tuned for another exciting chapter in Tom Locke’s story. Its not dystopian but, have mercy, its one man’s survival An explanation of faith and reason   A still night in the elements is deceptive. Though Tom and Najair had huddled under a cliff that was blocking most of the…
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November 20, 2014 0

I AM Liberty Unbuttoned episode 1

On this, THE FIRST, episode of I AM Liberty Unbuttoned we take the traditional path of the popular I AM Liberty show and include a deeper dive into topics off the path of self reliance and strong American communities. Artist Dan Miller lives in Evergreen, Colorado and his website is awash with beautiful art…
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November 16, 2014 0