2014 SHTF ASSESSMENT! How do you stack up?

2014 SHTF ASSESSMENT! How do you stack up?

December 18, 2013 Uncategorized 5

The idea behind the 2014 SHTF assessment is a very short 20 question list that will give you an idea of where you stand and more importantly what you can focus on improving in the New Year. There will be much more than simply how much food, water and bullets do you have…and gas masks. The questions will touch on several categories including food and water, security, fitness, evacuation and community.

This is an assessment and is naturally not the end all be all. I think it is, however, something that will keep you honest. I think you will enjoy it and more importantly, I hope it will be useful.  I am sure it will bring up great conversation as well as relevant concern and easily identifiable areas for improvement.



1. Do you have over 40 gals of water on hand

2. Do you have at least one renewable food source, i.e livestock, garden, aquaponics

3. Do you have at least 2 weeks of emergency food storage

4. Do you have a water filter that will eliminate harmful bacteria


5. Does your home have reinforced locks

6. Considered a community watch in your neighborhood?

7. Is there a weapon in your home for self defense, other than your old lil league bat.

8. Do you have other security prevention methods i.e dogs, floodlights, alarms


9. 30 push ups?

10. 3 miles?

11. 3 sets of 8 pull ups?

12. 3 mins of constant work on the heavy bag


13. Are you having community meetings

14. Are you in a position to help folks in your community i.e food, money, supplies

15. Do you have any community projects in the works

16. Is there a list of at risk folks to be checked on in a disaster


17. If you have to go do you have a place to go

18. Do you have more than one route to get there

19. Have you set up local caches along the way

20. Do you have BOB that will get you where you need to go

How many did you get right?!!?! I really dont care. Your not going to get a gold star from me. This is an assessment not a quiz! This should give you an honest look at things you could improve upon in 2014. Take the time to get better and improve and listen to more I AM Liberty!!!!


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  1. stock says:

    Good quick reality check

  2. Dart says:

    Good list! Thanks for putting this out…I can a few things I need to do!

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