A Man and His Hands

A Man and His Hands

March 16, 2015 poetry 0


A man should feel comfortable with an axe in his hands
Whether it rest on his shoulder or slice through the air
With the earth in his hands a man should feel at home
A man should feel confident and produce with his hands
And if that man be so blessed
He should feel just the same with a child in his hands
That tiny life will soften his words and his heart
If a dark hearted man should threaten that life
A man must be prepared to hurt with his hands

He should clap with his hands, he should greet with his hands
A man should never beg for life with his hands
Cupping his mouth he should wail and sing with his hands
For celebration is a rare yet necessary part of his life

And never shall a man feel more like a man
Then the day he takes a woman in his hands
Whether kissing her close or sharing a dance
Or traversing life’s ever narrowing road
A man should be honored with “thy portion” in his hands

Though a man’s path be often crooked and lightless
Riddled with temptation and failure
He carries faith, family and country in his hands


“Hands sketches c1600” by Anonymous – Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg, Handzeichnung H 407 (2), via http://www.ubs.sbg.ac.at/sosa/graphiken/handzeichnungen.htm. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hands_sketches_c1600.jpg#/media/File:Hands_sketches_c1600.jpg


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