This is Why the Community Rules for Preppers

The community is our greatest ally. It’s not our bugout bag, our network of government moles or even our high-powered arsenal. All the information in the world cannot help you if it all comes crashing down. When you look at real life disaster, natural disaster, its neighbors helping neighbors. Of course, the prepper issue is our neighbors will become enemies because they are not prepared. Well, can we change that? I have been a part of this community for 5 years and I know there are some highly intelligent people involved.


There are ways we can build community bonds while nudging people in the direction of preparedness. You may feel a little manipulative at times. I always feel like I am walking this fine line between being a manipulator and a nudger when I write or speak on this topic. Still, it’s the reality of what we must do. Our ability to push people in the right direction changes our concerns and theirs without them even knowing it.

We achieve this through some solid methods:

1. Community Garden
2. Communication Network
3. Community Watch
4. Bartering
5. Community Preparedness

In this order, you will have as much success as you can. If you start with community preparedness your efforts will be in vain. Start with the community garden because you will be hard pressed to find people who think it’s a bad idea.

Community Garden

Start a gardening club or a community gardening club. This will be your allies. You’ll gain some and you will lose some along the way but they will always be around for you. Some things that must be addressed with this first objective is location and funding. If you have a spot and the money to get it done then you are going to be right on your way. If not, you will have to get creative.

Communication Network

Once you have built yourself a small band of resistance in the garden it’s time to consider a neighborhood network for communications. Sure, email works but its 2017 and there are tons of other great ways to take advantage of your neighborhood. Check out Nextdoor. This is an incredible site and app that allows you to communicate with neighbors, assign events, comment on threads and even map out Halloween routes! Most importantly, it can be your go to communication method following a disaster.

Community Watch

The next step is to address some of the concerns you will get through Nextdoor with a community watch. Chances are you are gonna have people reporting on crime and that is a significant use for your communication network. Gather some folks together who think the community watch is a great idea. Depending on size of community you may need more or less people. Go to to register your neighborhood and get ideas on how to run a great watch program.

Barter Yard Sale

By this point you and your community will have a proven track record of doing innovative and exciting things for the benefit of the neighborhood. Bring up the idea of bartering within the community during your next big yard sale event. Have outsiders pay cash, like a traditional yard sale and then have neighbors barter. In weight lifting they call this greasing the groove but it’s just getting used to a motion. Great practice for a disaster.

Community Preparedness

Finally, it’s time to start talking about preparing for catastrophe. Start by addressing those natural disasters that are common in your area. Your community should have a plan. You can discuss things like bulk purchasing of food storage and communications or maybe water and other services. Fuel storage in the neighborhood is a great option as well. Get creative and get people engaged.

Beyond this you will see your neighbors begin to change radically. They will have a community they value and an appreciation for the real-life threats that we face. Be an ear. Listen to their concerns and as they start to sound more like preppers merely coach them out of their shell. This is true success as a prepper.

I AM Liberty Show: Wrist Slap Bombers, Cultural Casualty and Honoring the Fallen

Did you hear the one about the car of terrorists? Just a few days after the UK bombing. There was an incident in Minneapolis. You have to hear this to believe it.Â

You thought white privilege and cultural appropriation were just a couple of toys that the progressive left were playing with on social media? Lets talk about a very real casualty of this dangerous thinking. A dream was shattered on the backs of this silly rhetoric.

Finally, lets honor those who have fallen. I have a special piece to read to you.Â

I AM Liberty Show: Sunday Sermon, The King and the Peasents Liberty

I woke up early to walk my dogs and talk you about our Kings our freedom and our preparedness.

What should you be preparing for that the government is too busy to tell us.

We aren’t getting a word in edgewise with this idea of the presidency. Its time for a change and I think I have the spark of a new idea. One that allows the people to speak on the issues.

Test your Might with these Survival Challenges

One of the things I love about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that your skill is your skill and its irrefutable on the mat. There is no veil on the mat and you cannot lie your way out of a head arm choke. Either you tapped or you tapped them or you guys stalemated due to evenly matched skills or fatigue. It is this reality and this truth that I would like to inject in to the prepper and survivalist world.

Men, in particular, are born with this innate belief that they are unbeatable. For many men, thankfully, they never get in fights and therefore never get tested. We have spent a lot of time in this period of enlightenment. This period will be followed by a period of action. If you look through history it always goes this way. The colonists were enlightened by the thievery of the crown and thus came the action, the American revolution.

Its important that we test and measure ourselves. I am going to offer up some ways for you to plan on doing just that with 4 prepper tests you should put on your schedule.


Are you an advocate for the bugout? Do you have the bags packed and the weapons ready? Why not put yourself to the test with this 15 – 20-mile adventure that is primarily running with a pack on and stopping for intermittent challenges along the way. Some of which are physical and others are more mission based.

The whole expedition is team oriented and will take you between 8-10 hours. I

Mammoth Sniper Challenge

The mammoth is just what it sounds like.

The Mammoth Sniper Challenge sponsored by Eotech is a 4-day precision rifle shooting competition held at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky. This event will offer unique opportunities to test your skill with a rifle and compete for prizes and bragging rights. The match will consist of:

10 stages to be completed as a team, 6 long stages and 4 shorter faster stages.

The match will be shot as a team match, 3 divisions- Tough man, Regular and Open. Note: Open Division will only be open to Teams that have legitimate reason for not being able to compete in the Regular Division, Medical Reasons or Match Sponsors.

Escape Room

The escape room is less of a physical challenge and more a challenge of the mind. These locations are popping up all over the country and are a lot of fun. Where you will see the benefits is in the team based problem solving.

You will be locked in a room of that requires you solve various puzzles to find keys to escape several rooms. You usually do this with a group of strangers which makes it even better. You are given an hour and it will take all that time to figure it out.

Check your local city for an escape room and book an early weekday to avoid crowds.

These challenges will take you out of your survival fantasy and thrust you into reality. You will be uncomfortable, you will be upset at times and you will be getting better! Tell me about some other challenges in the survival world.

Why You Need a Survival Drone

Do you remember the intrusive feeling when you first heard about these little spy drones? We didn’t have access yet so it seemed unfair and ugly. I remember stories out of the county where people were shooting these little drones down like skeets with their shotguns. That’s the power of the 2nd Amendment by the way.

Years later I think it’s time we talk about the possibilities of drones in our preparedness efforts. We have a tremendous resource at our disposal in these drones and it’s important that we don’t turn a blind eye out of fear.

I will tell you a story about my own personal fear of this new tech:

I remember pulling up to work and watching a group of about 10 people standing before a camera drone that was buzzing at eye level before them. They were standing in front of a collection of donor plaques and looking to take a picture of the people and the plaques. The drone buzzed on, looking them in the eyes. In the early light of the morning immediately thought about drones armed with low caliber machine guns rather than cameras executing lines of Americans in just the fashion I was watching. It is this fear that we must overcome before diving into new tech.


Understanding the conditions in your immediate area as well as the conditions beyond is incredibly important. If local news is no longer broadcasting you will have no other source for local events. Violent riots, damage to significant infrastructures or clogged roads could all be a mystery without some sort of surveillance and intelligence plan.

This may be one of the most underrated pieces of the preparedness puzzle and I think a drone can be a big player in this part of your plans.


Drones began in the military and there are ways for you to affix various weapons to drones as well. I have seen drones affixed with guns and other things on videos. In the future, we may be able to purchase our own protection drones.

I like the idea of a less than lethal deterrent drone. Imagine a drone that could carry smoke, pepper spray or even a taser. One of these deterrent drones could act to keep people far from your property. You wouldn’t have to worry about the weight of ammo weighing down the drone either.

Resource Cache

When we talk about survival caches its often a PVC pipe that is buried somewhere or hidden. Well, let’s thing about a resource cache that is in the air. You could land this cache on your own roof or other high spots that would be nearly impossible to find. Now the items in this resource cache would have to be light depending on your drone size.

The DJI Agras MG-1 has the ability to carry 20lbs for 24 mins. This could be a great candidate for a small weapon payload or nice resource cache.

Here are some other great items that could be carried by a drone.

  1. Small med kits
  2. Water filters
  3. Dry, ready to eat foods
  4. Data on thumb drives
  5. Lightweight shelter
  6. Fire starters
  7. A micro survival kit with a combination of the above
  8. A large drone could carry a small handgun


These are just three uses for survival drones. I am sure you can come up with more. Leave some in the comments and join us live Wednesday night 9 EST at where we will be discussing survival drones.


Dehumanization, Villians and A Turkey Hunt

What we call each other matters. It seems we are moving closer and closer to the dehumanization of our counterparts. Be it progressives and liberals or right and left we have become more efficient at tearing one another down. Its taking a toll

Remember the guy who shot Batman’s parents? There is a story in his evolution as well.

Finally, a father son turkey hunt filled with tick bites and good times.

The Survival Entrepeneur

The Survival Entrepreneur

There are lots of people out there making varying degrees of money from the survival niche. Whether its owning a blog, writing a book or even some level of training or consulting there is money to be made. There are even people making decent money with YouTube and survival content. You could also invent something great to affect the survival industry. Either way there is money to be made if you have great content or an excellent product.

I want to make the argument that my listeners should become survival entrepreneurs. Even if you start something very small you should at least dive into the niche and get yourself an LLC or a Business License. Thought it may seem like a lofty dream to quit your job and start a survival school its only loft because you look at it through the lens of everything that could fail.

There are several great benefits that come to the survival business owner. Some might be obvious while others are not.

Tax Money

Americans are terrible at saving money. Less than half of us have enough money to survive a month without income. When you own your own business suddenly you become accountable to the tax man for all your taxes. There is no company holding your taxes for you. Even if you pay quarterly taxes you will still wind up with a hefty sum of money.

Of course, this money is for the tax man but what if we face a collapse that suddenly makes paying taxes irrelevant. You have a little bit of extra money in the coffers.

Own Your Retirement

As a business owner, you must take full control of your retirement. There is no company putting money into a 401k for you. Still, you must work out some sort of retirement plan or else you will have nothing to fall back on if you decide to retire.

Having full control of your retirement makes it a priority. It also makes it fully customizable. You can spend more time on the right investments and even diversify with some precious metals in your portfolio or even get some physical silver.


Suddenly, you are no longer hampered by a 9-5 and though you may work more than 40 hours a week for your own business you can spread that out anyway you want to. This allows you plenty of time to focus on preparedness projects and other improvements including, the most important, self-improvement.

You will have free time if you carve it out. I encourage you to add it to your work day. Set aside time in your work day, break time, to do something you want to do. This doesn’t even have to be survival related. This free time will allow you to enjoy your life. One of the best parts about having no boss and running the show is being able to say, “I am going fishing today!”

More Time for Survival

It may sound counterintuitive but working in survival will actually give you more time for survival. You will be immersed in the resources and will quickly become much more efficient in your efforts. All of those gaps in your survival plan will slowly get filled and if you are smart you will incorporate that into your content as well. Something along the lines of:


Learn to make your duties work for you.

There are many ways you can benefit from being a survival entrepreneur. The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that you will find from creating our own product or service is unmatched. Being an owner and being disciplines and responsible will make you a better person altogether.

5 Steps to Developing a Better Urban Survival Process

5 Steps to Developing a Better Urban Survival Process

We all know about grey man and the idea that we should merely bugout of any major metro area in the event of a disaster. These are good pieces of advice but I think it’s time we take this base knowledge and begin to apply it to our specific neighborhood. If you are truly going to be successful in the urban survival scenario you should apply these five urban survival processes

When we talk about surviving in the urban environment we are going to need a constant flow of resources from a combination of sustainable options that can be grown and harvested on your property or by running for resources in the local area.

Map Your Resources

While we have peace at our disposal we must use it to our advantage. Now is the time to create maps of your area. Begin by marking up resources on the map starting with those closest to your home. You may think you know your area well but having the map and the identified resources marked on it could make an enormous difference.

Mark your map with color coded dots to help easily discern the resource

  • Food and Water (GREEN)
  • Tools (BLUE)
  • Medical (RED)
  • Guns and Ammo (BLACK)

Be creative with your locations. Target is probably not the best location to visit as it will be picked over but maybe a less conspicuous location could be helpful. Mom and Pops or locations that closed recently may have some leftover inventory. Don’t go for the obvious.

Plan Your Routes

Have you given any thought to how you get out of the neighborhood? In a collapse situation just getting out of your neighborhood could be a dangerous proposition. The time and routes are a very important to your success. If you are surrounded by desperation heading out with a backpack on and other resources will most certainly make you a target. Worse is returning with a full pack of resources. You do not want to be seen coming or going.

Plan your routes on the resource map. This map should have multiple routes to each location in case you happen upon people along the way. There could also be other obstructions.

Hide Caches on Your Route

The cache is a powerful weapon in travel because they allow you to carry less and save room in your bag. The survival cache should be hidden along your mapped routes.

To get a better understanding of what you are trying to achieve with survival caches as well as what’s possible start the exciting hobby of geocaching (GEOCACHING.COM) today. This is basically a real-life treasure hunt based on GPS coordinates. It’s the best real life practice for understanding what survival caches are capable of


One of the practices I rarely hear mentioned in urban survival is intelligence. It hardly comes up. It would seem we are better off just staying put in our homes and cowering in terror.

Our survival radios will offer us national news and things of that nature but to really find out about what is happening at the ground level in your town or city you must get out in the streets. You can listen from a distance or explore more creative methods of getting information.

If the city has collapsed there will be ruling powers, rumors and resources. Make plans to sift out the useful intelligence.


In urban survival, a threat can present itself at any time. You will need to have a plan on how to disappear. A quick but effective local bugout may be necessary. A small shelter or hideout somewhere close to your home can move your family out of the cross hairs for a night or two until the threat passes.

Your ability to disappear in the face of danger and reappear without anyone noticing will be very important. Consider learning:

  • Escape and evasion techniques
  • Hand signals for silent navigation
  • Night travel and light discipline.

We will discuss your urban survival process and more on this week’s episode of the I AM Liberty Show. Airing live 9pm EST at Come join the live chat or call in 347-202-0228.



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